The services we offer

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

You can use this website to find out about the services and information you need by using the website's search bar or by using a search engine.

You can find out about:

  • the statutory services that we have to deliver by law
  • the discretionary services that we choose to deliver
  • the types of information, advice and guidance we offer
  • Our chargeable services fees
  • the news and media statements we release

Our statutory responsibilities and services

These are the things that we have to do and be responsible for:

The law also says there are some services we have to provide. We decide the amount of resources given to these depending on the level of need or risk they present. These services include:

Discretionary services

These are services that we choose to offer, but don't have to:

Chargeable services including fees payable

Our fees and charges are published each year as part of our Budget and financial year reports.

Advice, information and guidance

We give public information, advice and guidance on subjects including:


 We publish regular news, media releases and statements.