Disabled Facilities Grants

Last Updated: 22 April 2021

We provide Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) to help pay for changes so people can stay living in their own home.

DFGs are mandatory for certain essential adaptations.

Typical adaptations are:

  • stair lifts
  • wet floor shower areas
  • access ramping

You may have to make a contribution.

Adaptations for children are not means tested. The maximum grant available is £30,000. 

Disabled Facilities Grant Policy (PDF 200KB / 18 pages)

What help is available

We will be able to help with the planning and design of the work along with Cumbria Social Services occupational therapists.

How to apply for a disabled facilities grant

You can apply for a DFG if you are:

  • registered or registerable as disabled (your social worker or occupational therapist can tell you this) and an owner occupier or tenant (grants are not available for council tenants)
  • acting on behalf of a person with disabilities who lives in your home
  • a landlord acting on behalf of a tenant who has disabilities

What happens next

An occupational therapist, in conjunction with us, will make an assessment of your needs and recommend the adaptations required. 

We will give you a DFG application form.

If you are visited by any of our officers or anyone from Cumbria County Council they will have appropriate identity cards which you should ask to see before letting them in. 

How the grant is worked out

Grants are given to those least able to pay for the work. Depending on your finances, a grant may be made available to pay for all, for some or for none of the cost of the work.

You should wait until you receive a formal approval of a grant before work is started.

If a grant is not approved, any costs up to that date will be your responsibility. 

If the grant approved does not cover the full cost of the work, you are responsible for the full remaining cost. 

If you feel you cannot afford this you may be able to apply for a hardship grant from Social Services. The amount of help available will depend on a further test of your finances.

Getting the work done

Once the grant and any funding from Social Services or yourself is approved, the work can begin. 

The progress and supervision of the work is your responsibility. If the work is substantial, you may wish to get professional help.

Cumbria County Council Social Services

For advice and assessment from an occupational therapist, contact:

South Lakes Office

County Offices
Telephone: 01539 713 378 or 713 343

South Lakes Rural

Telephone: 01539 713 111 or 713 334
Fax: 01539 773 354
Email: kendalssd@cumbria.gov.uk

Furness Office

Priory Grove
off Friars Lane
LA13 9NP

Furness East

Telephone: 01229 407 874

Furness North

Telephone: 01229 407 444
Fax: 01229 404 054
Email: barrowssd@cumbria.gov.uk