Lost dogs

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

If you have lost your dog you can report it to us by providing the information listed below.

If you find a dog wandering alone in a public space you can report a stray dog.     

Report a lost dog

If you have lost a dog please contact our customer services team during office hours.

Outside of office hours, please call:

You will need to provide us with as many details as possible such as:

  • your name, address and contact phone numbers
  • name and description of your dog
  • if your dog is wearing a collar and tag or is microchipped
  • where and when your dog was last seen
  • a recent photograph of your dog would be helpful

We maintain a Lost Dog Register. We will note the details and notify you should a dog fitting the description be found.

If your dog is microchipped you should report it to the Microchipping Database Company that it is registered with. 

If your dog is picked up and scanned it will flag up that it has been reported as lost. 

It is also a good idea to contact local vets and animal rescue organisations. 

You can also register your details at:

If you believe your dog has been stolen tell the police on 101.

When you have found your dog, please let us know and anyone else you told it was missing.

Collar, tag and microchips

It is important that your dog has a collar, tag and microchip. This will greatly increase the chances of them being returned to you should they become lost. Your contact details must be up to date.

Collar and tag

By law your dog, while in a public place, must wear a collar with your address and phone number inscribed on it.  

Failure to do so could result in prosecution and a fine of up to £5,000.  Even if your dog is microchipped it still has to wear a collar and tag.


All dogs must be microchipped by law, and keepers details must be registered and kept up to date on an approved database. 

Please remember to update your dog's microchip information when you move home or change your phone number or email address.

We can serve you a 21 day notice, if we pick your dog up as a stray and any one of the following apply: 

  • your dog is not microchipped
  • your contact details are not registered on an approved database
  • your contact details are not up to date   

If you fail to comply with the notice you could face criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £500.

You can easily update your dog's microchip details by contacting your chip database directly. 

Find out which database your microchip is registered with

More information about microchipping

Prevent your dog from straying

Providing your dog with physical and mental exercise can help prevent it from straying. 

Your dog may also stray due to its need to find a mate. You can counter this by having it neutered.