Ten top tips for tendering

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

  1. Read the documents in detail and make sure you have a strong understanding of what you need to do. If in doubt ask questions via the Chest in plenty of time.
  2. Be clear on deadlines and ensure your proposal is on time by giving yourself enough time to upload documents to the Chest. We cannot accept a tender that is late.
  3. Before sending your tender make sure all required documentation is complete and supporting evidence is included.
  4. Make sure your response is relevant to the specification.
  5. Always consider the points/weighting allocated for the evaluation.
  6. Do not change the documents, this can mean that important information is missed and can lead to exclusion.
  7. Label all supporting documents clearly.
  8. Keep answers concise but clear. Give sufficient detail so we can grasp what is proposed. Remember, not all officers have an in depth knowledge of the good/service.
  9. Follow the instructions.
  10. Where it is requested that expressions of interest, clarification questions and submissions are made via the Chest, please make sure that they are.