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Policies and plans

Our policies, strategies, plans and other important documents are listed below.

Note: Some documents are large files and may take a long time to download. 

Policies and plans 
Affordable housing application process (DOC/20KB/3 pages)
Affordable housing policy summary 2018 (PDF/114KB/2 pages)
Anti-bribery, fraud and corruption policy (PDF/231KB/12 pages)
Compliments, comments and complaints policy (PDF/180KB/2 pages)
Our equality objectives
Statement of community involvement (PDF/377KB/27 pages)
Workforce development plan 2014-2019 refreshed 2015 (PDF/212KB/22 pages)
Workforce development action plan 2014-2019 Appendix 2 refreshed 2015 (PDF/98KB/6 pages)
Homelessness review 2013 (PDF/1.8MB/51 pages)
Local Development Scheme
Corporate property strategy (PDF/4.9MB/15 pages)
Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) guidance for staff on surveillance (PDF/156KB/14 pages)
Community engagement strategy update 2012 (PDF/177KB/7 pages)
Local lettings policy (PDF/130KB/4 pages)
Information security policy (PDF/40.9KB/7 pages)
Information security policy Appendix A: Authorised User agreement (PDF/17.3KB/1 page)
Information security policy Appendix B: Password policy (PDF/20.3KB/2 pages)
Internet and email acceptable use policy (PDF/29.9KB/5 pages)
SLDC housing strategy action plan 2016 (PDF/206KB/10 pages)
Housing conference action plan (PDF/204KB/14 pages)
Consultation strategy (PDF/245KB/9 pages)
2018/19 to 2022/23 Treasury management framework (PDF/284KB/29 pages)
Guidance policies for Penalty Charge Notice enforcement (PDF/245KB/21 pages)
Housing Strategy 2016 (PDF/2MB/16 pages)
Guidance Note for Seller, Agents, Solicitors, Surveyors (DOC/35KB/2 pages)
Cumbria Choice Allocations Policy
Cumbria Housing Statement 2016 (DOC/231KB/4 pages)
Older Persons' Housing Strategy 2018 to 2025 (PDF/1.05MB/47 pages)
Tenancy Strategy 2013 (PDF/741KB/49 pages)
Homelessness Strategy 2013 to 2018 (PDF/918KB/77 pages)
Windermere Lake Action Plan 2017 to 2022
CS01 Core Strategy October 2010
Whistleblowing policy July 2013 (PDF/80KB/6 pages)
Empty homes strategy action plan (PDF/115KB/7 pages)
Empty homes strategy 2015 to 2020 (PDF/459KB/18 pages)
Housing enforcement policy March 2018 (PDF/344KB/31 pages)
Anti-money laundering policy (PDF/143KB/6 pages)
Policy on discharging the homelessness duty April 2013 (PDF/130KB/6 pages)
DFG policy April 2017 (PDF/200KB/18 pages)
Compulsory Redundancy Policy (PDF/185KB/8 pages)
Child safeguarding operational procedures (PDF/476KB/38 pages)
Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy 2019 to 2022 (PDF/6MB/65 pages)
Procurement and commissioning Strategy 2016 to 2019 (PDF/187KB/11 pages)
Council Local Connection Policy (PDF/118KB/3 pages)
Risk Management Process 2016 (PDF/133KB/6 pages)
Performance Management Framework 2016 (PDF/409KB/17 pages)
Economic Growth Strategy (PDF/431KB/20 pages)
Council Plan 2018 update
Efficiency and value for money strategy.  See appendix 10 of the Medium Term Financial Plan
The capital strategy
Conservation policy and guidance
Web accessibility statement
Data protection policy
Freedom of information publication scheme
Parking policy
Pay policy statement
Privacy policy


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