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Policies and plans

Our policies, strategies, plans and other important documents are listed below.

Note: Some documents are large files and may take a long time to download. 

Compliments, comments and complaints policy (PDF/128KB/2 pages)
Equality scheme 2016 to 2019 (PDF/305KB/12 pages)
Statement of community involvement (PDF/377KB/27 pages)
Medium Term Financial Plan 2017/18 to 2021/2022 (PDF/1.4MB/82 pages)
Workforce development plan 2014-2019 refreshed 2015 (PDF/383KB/19 pages)
Workforce development action plan 2014-2019 refreshed 2015 (PDF/57.7KB/2 pages)
Economic growth strategy (PDF/1.2MB/16 pages)
South Lakeland Plan on one page (PDF/2MB/1 page)
Homelessness review 2013 (PDF/1.8MB/51 pages)
Local Development Scheme 2015-2021 (PDF/1.05MB/46 pages)
Corporate property strategy (PDF/4.9MB/15 pages)
Child safeguarding procedures (DOC/1.7MB/9 pages)
Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) guidance for staff on surveillance (PDF/156KB/14 pages)
Community engagement strategy update 2012 (PDF/3.6MB/8 pages)
Local lettings policy (PDF/188KB/4 pages)
Information security policy (PDF/40.9KB/7 pages)
Information security policy Appendix A: Authorised User agreement (PDF/17.3KB/1 page)
Information security policy Appendix B: Password policy (PDF/20.3KB/2 pages)
Internet and email acceptable use policy (PDF/29.9KB/5 pages)
Health and safety policy (PDF/3.3MB/8 pages)
SLDC housing strategy action plan 2016 (PDF/206KB/10 pages)
Housing conference action plan (PDF/204KB/14 pages)
Statement of licensing policy 2011 (PDF/260KB/56 pages)
Consultation strategy (PDF/122KB/6 pages)
Treasury management policy statement and framework (PDF/115KB/8 pages)
Treasury management strategy statement (PDF/114KB/12 pages)
Guidance policies for Penalty Charge Notice enforcement (PDF/245KB/21 pages)
Housing Strategy 2016 (PDF/2MB/16 pages)
Guidance Note for Seller, Agents, Solicitors, Surveyors (DOC/35KB/2pages)
Cumbria Choice Allocations Policy (PDF/161KB/61 pages)
Cumbria Housing Statement 2016 (DOC/231KB/4 pages)
Joint Older Persons' Housing Strategy 2012-2017 (PDF/2.58MB/28 pages)
Tenancy Strategy 2013 (PDF/2.39MB/38 pages)
Homelessness Strategy 2013 - 2018 (PDF/13.8MB/62 pages)
Windermere management strategy 2011 (PDF/3.77MB/66 pages)
CS01 Core Strategy October 2010 (PDF/4.36MB/180 pages)
Whistleblowing policy July 2013 (PDF/80KB/6 pages)
Anti-bribery, fraud and corruption policy (PDF/231KB/12 pages)
Empty homes strategy action plan (PDF/164KB/5 pages)
Empty homes strategy 2015 to 2020 (PDF/312KB/16 pages)
Housing enforcement policy April 2017 (PDF/591KB/24 pages)
Anti-money laundering policy (PDF/143KB/6 pages)
Policy on discharging the homelessness duty April 2013 (PDF/130KB/6 pages)
DFG policy April 2017 (PDF/438KB/16 pages)
Compulsory Redundancy Policy (PDF/37KB/7 pages)
Affordable housing application process (DOC/20KB/3 pages)
Pay policy statement Appendix A: Senior management team structure April 2017 (PDF/159KB/1 page)
Affordable Housing Policy Summary 2018 (PDF/114KB/2 pages)
SLDC Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy 2013 to 2016 (PDF/445KB/46 pages)
Procurement and commissioning Strategy 2016 to 2019 (PDF/187KB/11 pages)
council-local-connection-policy-2014 (PDF/170KB/2 pages)
Risk Management Process 2016 (PDF/133KB/6 pages)
Performance Management Framework 2016 (PDF/409KB/17 pages)


More policies and plans