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South Lakeland Further Electoral Review

A further electoral review commenced in June 2015.

This review was initiated by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England because a number of district wards have an electoral variance of more, or less, than 10%.

As the council will continue to elect by thirds, it is required to have as many three member wards as possible, given the geography and community identity within the area with other criteria taken into consideration (guidance documents contain detailed information).

Final recommendations of the Further Electoral Review

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) has published its final recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for SLDC.

The commission's proposals for South Lakeland District Council are:

  • SLDC should be represented by 51 councillors, the same number as there is now
  • South Lakeland should have 18 wards, 27 fewer than at present
  • SLDC should be made up of 51 councillors serving 18 wards representing three two-councillor wards and 15 three-councillor wards
  • The boundaries of almost all wards should change; one ward (Sedbergh & Kirkby Lonsdale) will remain the same

The report and interactive mapping of the final recommendations are available at:

The LGBCE has informed the national headquarters of the main political parties, MPs and MEPs with constituency interests in South Lakeland, all parish and town councils, the police authority and all respondents to consultation.

The changes proposed must now be implemented by order subject to Parliamentary scrutiny.

The South Lakeland (Electoral Changes) Order 2017 was relaid in draft in Parliament on 13 September 2017. This is the draft item of legislation which brings into force the recommendations.

The draft Order will provide the new electoral arrangements for SLDC to be implemented at the local elections in 2018.

More information on the Further Electoral Review

Guidance documents on the conduct of electoral reviews are available on the Local Government Boundary Commission for England's website in respect of these reviews and the consultation periods.

Previous Further Electoral Reviews

The previous Further Electoral Review was undertaken during 2005/6 with the Order making the boundary changes being made at the end of February 2008.  These changes took effect at the elections on Thursday, 1 May 2008, when every district ward was up for election.

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