Apply for a personal licence

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

A personal licence allows a person to authorise the sale or supply of alcohol. 

Premises that sell or supply alcohol need at least one personal licence holder named on the premises licence as a designated premises supervisor (DPS). A DPS (does not have to be the applicant) is responsible for the day to day running of the premises.

Guidance for designated premises supervisors

The licence is portable throughout England and Wales.

Who can apply

A personal licence holder must:

How to apply

You will need to complete the personal licence application form and disclosure of convictions and declaration form (DOC 273KB / 7 pages).

You should enclose two passport photos of yourself. One should be endorsed as a true likeness by a:

  • solicitor or a notary
  • a person of standing in the community or
  • any individual with a professional qualification

You will also need to include an accredited personal licence qualification certificate.

Along with your application, you need to apply for a basic disclosure certificate. This should be dated within one month of us receiving your application.

You will need to send the application form, all relevant documents and the fee of £37 to the Licensing Group.

As of 1 April 2015, you are not required to renew a personal licence. All existing personal licences will carry on, unless the licence is suspended or revoked.

Current personal licence holders who want to change their licence should complete a change of name and/or address of personal licence holder form (DOC 111KB / 2 pages)

Change of details form should be returned to the Licensing department with the fee of £10.50 and both the paper and card part of the original personal licence.

If your personal licence is damaged, lost or stolen apply to the original issuing council to replace it. This includes paying the relevant fee.

Objection to a personal licence

The police can object to the granting of a personal licence if:

  • the applicant has a conviction for a relevant or foreign offence
  • if they believe that granting the personal licence would undermine the crime prevention objective

If the Police object to an application we must provide the applicant and the Police with reasons for the decision. Appeal will be to the Magistrates Court.