Environmental permit application forms

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Permits are required by certain types of industry to stop them having an adverse effect on health or the local environment. 

The permit contains conditions which must be followed.

The Environment Agency regulate larger sites and we regulate smaller sites.

Public register of environmental permits 

The public register is available to view upon request at our offices in Kendal. Photocopies of non confidential information can be made at a charge. 

If you cannot come into the office, information can also be provided from the register at a charge (currently £25 plus VAT).

When you would need a permit

You will need a permit if you operate a business listed in Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

You can contact us to find out more if you have any questions.

It is an offence to operate without a permit, if you require one you will need to complete the appropriate application form (listed below) and send it to us with the appropriate environmental permit application fee.

We will contact you to discuss your application and arrange a site visit.

There are some cases where you can be exempt from permitting. You should contact us if you think this applies to you.

Defra Local authority pollution control process guidance notes are available for the different types of business that need a permit.

Information on current environmental legislation is available from the Environment Agency.


Part A2 application form (PDF/202KB/8 pages) to apply to operate a new Part A2 installation.

Part B application form (PDF/172KB/7 pages) to apply to operate any new Part B installation not listed below.

Notes to help you complete the Part B application form (PDF/60KB/2 pages)

Part B Dry Cleaner application form (PDF/174KB/7 pages)

Part B Petrol Station application form (PDF/243KB/8 pages)

Part B Vehicle Resprayer application form (PDF/226KB/10 pages) for respraying vehicles using more than 1 tonne of solvent per year.

Part B Timber Process application form (PDF/319KB/10 pages)

Part B Mobile Crushing and Screening application form (PDF/368KB/7 pages) for mobile plant crushing and screening brick, tiles, concrete or minerals.

Part B Roadstone Coating application form (PDF/415KB/12 pages)

Part B Quarry application form (PDF/279KB/11 pages)

Part B Concrete Batching Plant application form (PDF/287KB/12 pages) for blending, packing, loading, unloading and use of bulk cement.

Part B application to Temporarily Transfer a Mobile Plant permit (PDF/137KB/6 pages) to transfer an existing permit to a third party when mobile crushing or screening plant is hired to them for a limited period.

Part B Declaration of Reduced Operation (PDF/112KB/3 pages) if your site is operating temporarily below the regulation threshold or will be mothballed (for at least 12 months).

Waste Exemption Registration (T3 & T7) (PDF/155KB/6 pages)

Part B Variation application form (PDF/263KB/8 pages) for use if you wish to make changes to an existing installation.

Part B Transfer form (PDF/320KB/7 pages) to apply to transfer an existing installation into new ownership.

Part B Surrender form (PDF/297KB/6 pages) if you plan to cease operation of an installation.

What happens once you have a permit

We will issue you with a permit once we are happy you will be able to comply with the conditions attached to it.

You will start to pay an annual subsistence fee.

Environmental permit fees are calculated based on a risk assessment of each site and how often we will need to visit.

The fee is set annually by the Secretary of State.

Regular inspections check that you are complying with the permit conditions.

Enforcement Policy (PDF/256KB/4 pages) outlines how we regulate sites.

Our leaflet 'Regulating Pollution What You Need to Know' has information for employers and employees. This is useful for training staff on the reason for and requirements of a permit and explaining their responsibilities. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

Having a permit does not exempt you from requirements under:

  • planning
  • building control
  • health and safety

Speak to these departments to check what you need to do.


Please contact us with any complaint about emissions from processes which we regulate and we will investigate.

Contact the Environment Agency about their sites.

Environment Agency Public Register

Current consultations

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