What you can do

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

We recognise that climate change can affect those in our community in different ways and often those who are most vulnerable feel the greatest impacts.

Carbon footprint

The average South Lakeland resident consumes more than 12 tonnes of CO2e per years with travel, heating and food and drink the main emitters.

Finding out what your carbon footprint is can be a good way to begin to reduce it. Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS): resident carbon calculator has been developed for Cumbrian residents and businesses.

How a resident can reduce their emissions

Below are several suggestions for steps that you can take in your own home and lifestyle that can reduce your carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.


  • improve insulation and efficiency within homes can cut emissions and fuel bills. CAfS provides more advice and training
  • electricity decarbonisation such as switching to a renewable energy provider, installing a heat pump or solar panels instead of an oil system
  • the Cold to Cosy scheme which offers energy saving advice and equipment to make your house warmer and more comfortable
  • Ambleside Action for a Future offer local residents in Ambleside a free home heat loss survey using a thermal imaging camera



  • cut waste by planning meals, use up leftovers and be creative with surplus food. Then use a compost bin or wormery for any raw food waste
  • familiarise yourself with what can be recycled in South Lakeland: What goes in your bins and boxes
  • reduce, reuse and recycle. Start to reduce waste in the first place, reuse what you can and recycle what you don’t need. CAfS: How to reduce waste
  • explore how you can repair items in your home instead of buying new. Simply Repair South Lakes holds courses and workshops
  • donate any unwanted items to charity instead of throwing them away



Did you know that the greatest emissions for a South Lakeland resident come from shopping: CAfS: Sustainable and ethical shopping guide.

How a business can reduce their emissions

We are proud to support and fund green business support initiatives. If you are a South Lakeland business owner, you may be interested in the following:

Work with your Parish Council

Many communities have declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ yet are struggling to know what to do next. The Greening Campaign provides a toolkit that has been developed and used to provide structure to those next steps for town and parish councils. It is a fun, yet effective way for communities to tackle the often frightening issue of Climate Change whilst following a tested path consisting of seven stepped Phases.

We are subsiding the cost of the first phase so that there is a cost of only £25 to town and parish councils.

You can find out more from The Greening Campaign introduction video.

To get started in your area please email us, contact details below, we will answer any queries you might have and put you in touch with the Greening Campaign.