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What goes in your bins and boxes?

Blue box 1.

For recycling paper and card.

Please ensure paper and card is clean and dry.

Yes please:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • junk mail
  • leaflets
  • greetings cards
  • white office paper
  • brochures
  • soft back catalogues
  • telephone directories
  • envelopes
  • wrapping paper
  • flattened card and other food boxes
  • flattened cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard

No thanks:

Tetra Pak drink cartons, coffee cups, paper towels or tissues.

Blue box 2.

For recycling glass.

Yes please:

  • glass bottles and jars

No thanks:

Sheet glass, broken glass or light bulbs.

Blue bag

For recycling plastics, cans and aluminium foil.

Please rise and squash your plastic containers, cans and foil. Containers must be empty.

Yes please:

  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • shampoo, toiletry bottles and detergent bottles
  • food trays and fruit punnets
  • steel and aluminium cans, food tins and clean aluminium foil
  • jar and bottle tops

No thanks:

Plastic bags, flower pots.

Green bin

For green garden waste.

We can't take overflowing bins or extra bags of garden waste. But you can take any extra garden waste to your local recycling centre.

Yes please:

  • grass clippings
  • weeds
  • shrub prunings
  • flowers
  • plants
  • fallen leaves
  • branches up to finger width
  • small Christmas trees

No thanks:

Kitchen and food waste like peelings, egg shells or used tea bags can't go in your green bin but can be composted. You can get discounted compost bins from Cumbria County Council.

Branches more than finger width, soil and stones, treated wood or trade waste for recycling.

Grey bin

For household rubbish that we don't collect for recycling.

Yes please:

  • Tetra Pak drink cartons
  • tissues & paper towels
  • coffee cups
  • food waste
  • dog or cat litter (wrapped)
  • nappies
  • vacuum bags
  • general household waste
  • light bulbs

No thanks:

Trade waste, hazardous waste (including gas bottles, paint and chemicals, clinical waste, syringes), building waste and rubble.

Additional recycling services

If you have an item of bulky waste like a sofa or fridge please check our Large household items collection page.

Find out how to recycle items that we don't collect from your home at local recycling banks and household recycling centres.