What goes in your bins and boxes

We collect rubbish from your home and a range of items for recycling. Find out what bins and boxes you should use.

You can also find out how to recycle or reuse items that we don't collect from your home.

Waste we collect from your home

Grey general waste bin

For household rubbish that we don't collect for recycling.

This is reprocessed to recover the energy from the waste. The contents are sorted, dried and then turned into a refuse derived fuel.

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Hazardous waste (including gas bottles, paint and chemicals, clinical waste, syringes).

Building waste, rubble and trade waste.

Aerosols can be recycled at the recycling banks in South Lakeland. Aerosols must be empty and must not be pierced or squashed, please remove the plastic top, which can be recycled in the plastic bank.

Green garden recycling bin

For green garden waste. This includes grass clippings, weeds, shrub prunings, flowers, plants, fallen leaves, branches up to finger width and small Christmas trees.

We can't take overflowing green bins or extra bags of garden waste. You can take any extra garden waste to your local recycling centre.

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Kitchen and food waste like peelings, egg shells or used tea bags can't go in your green bin but can be composted. Cumbria County Council offer discounted food waste and compost bins. Food waste requires specialist processing, which is not available in South Lakeland or the surrounding area.

Branches more than finger width, soil and stones, treated wood, large Christmas trees or trade waste for recycling or disposal.

Blue recycling boxes

For recycling paper and card, glass bottles and jars.

Please ensure that paper and card is put in a separate box from glass bottles and jars. We will not collect any boxes that have a mix of card, paper and glass in them.

Paper and card should be clean and dry. Cardboard boxes should be flattened. We collect newspapers, magazines, junk mail, leaflets, greetings cards, brochures and soft-back catalogues, telephone directories, envelopes and card.

Glass bottles and jars should be rinsed.

If you would like an extra box, these can be collected from South Lakeland House in Kendal or the Coronation Hall in Ulverston. Our recycling vehicles also normally carry a stock. The crew will be happy to provide replacement or additional items on request.

If your recycling is not collected you will usually find a card from our team telling you why and what you need to do about it. You can sort out the issue and we will pick up your boxes at the next collection date.

Your paper, card and glass is sent directly for recycling and can be reprocessed within days of being collected.

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Tetra Pak drink cartons, coffee cups, paper towels or tissues. Tetra Pak cartons and coffee cups will contaminate the paper and card that has been collected as they have layers that must be separated before recycling. This recycling service is not available to us at the moment.

Please squash your cartons before putting them in your grey waste bin.

Some of the major national retailers, that sell take-away coffee, have in-store recycling schemes and also encourage the use of re-usable cups. Ask in-store to see if these schemes are available.

Sheet glass, Pyrex, drinking glasses, broken glass or light bulbs. Broken glass should be wrapped in newspaper and put into you household waste bin.

Please take window glass to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre for safe disposal.

We can only take card that will fit in your recycling box. Larger amounts of card should be taken to your local tip or recycling centre.

Blue recycling bag

For recycling plastic bottles, pots (but not flower pots), tubs and trays. Also cans and aluminium foil.

Black plastic trays should be placed in your grey bin as they can cause problems during the recycling process.

Please rinse and squash your plastic containers, cans and foil. The items you recycle must be empty.

If you would like an extra bag, these can be collected from South Lakeland House or Coronation Hall in Ulverston. Our recycling vehicles also normally carry a stock. The crew will be happy to provide replacement or additional items on request.

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Plastic bags, polystyrene, black plastic trays and flower pots. These are made from plastics that need specialist recycling.

Waste we don't collect from your home

Find out how you can deal with items that we don't collect from your home, at our local tips and recycling banks

Find out how you can recycle or reuse items we don't collect from your home Recycle for Cumbria A to Z

Bulky waste recycling service

If you have an item of bulky waste like a sofa or fridge you may be eligible for our large household items collection.

Bin collection days

Find out when your bins are collected