Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Our area has had floods and the possibility of flooding is something you need to plan for. Find out: 

What to do in a flood emergency

If there is danger to people or property call the emergency services on 999

How we can help you in a flood

You can collect sandbags from us. We can also help if you are homeless due to flooding. 


Having sandbags in advance of a flood can help reduce the impact of flooding. You can collect up to 10 sandbags per house, free of charge, from the following depots: 

We may be able to deliver sandbags if your health or personal situation mean you can't pick them up. Call us well in advance of flooding because severe conditions can close roads.

We don't provide sandbags for businesses. 

Clearing up after a flood

We can collect flood damaged items from your property, please contact us. You must give us your permission to remove damaged property. You will need to confirm which items we can move.

If you work together as a community group to collect used sandbags to a central point, call us and we will pick them up for you. 

The Flood Hub offer:

Homeless due to flooding

If flooding has made you homeless you can contact us about housing options.

Out of hours emergency number, charges may apply: 0870 428 6905

How to report flooding

If your property has been flooded inside or outside you can report it online:

Report flooded property

Or you can email us at: LLFA@WestmorlandandFurness.gov.uk

In your email include:

  • what has happened
  • your address including house number and postcode
  • a way to contact you, like your mobile number, telephone number or email

Report flooding main rivers and sea 

Report flooding main rivers and sea to the Environment Agency or call them on 0800 80 70 60 

How to prepare for flooding 

The Flood Hub helps householders, businesses, communities and landowners plan for flooding. 

Flood alerts and warnings 

You can use alerts, warnings and rainfall maps to find out if a flood is likely to happen:

Planning to cope with flooding

You can prepare your own emergency, resilience and flood action plan. Some people have already made emergency plans using our emergency plan template. Community emergency planning 

Flooding can effect services, report problems caused by flooding with your: