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Housing Options

Housing Options is a service providing local people with housing related advice and help to prevent homelessness. If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the following please contact us and we will do our best to help you if:

  • your landlord has asked you to leave
  • you are not getting on with the people that you live with
  • you cannot afford your mortgage, rent and/or bills or have other problems managing your tenancy or accommodation
  • you are currently homeless
  • your accommodation is not suitable because it is too small or in poor condition
  • your accommodation is not suitable because of a medical condition or disability
  • you are experiencing or are at risk of violence, abuse or harassment

Available help

Housing Options are able to offer you a range of solutions to help you stay in your accommodation, these may include:

  • providing help with your money
  • providing a mediation service
  • talking to your landlord/agent on your behalf
  • advising you of your rights and responsibilities
  • support with your tenancy

Where we cannot support you to remain in your accommodation, we may be able to help you access alternative accommodation, this could include:

  • emergency accommodation
  • social housing
  • private rented accommodation
  • supported accommodation
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