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How to vote

To vote at an election your name must be on the Register of Electors.

Shortly before an election you will be sent a polling card which will tell you:

  • the address of your polling station
  • date of the election
  • hours of polling
  • your elector number and address.

You do not need to take the poll card with you to be able to vote.

How to vote in person

  • on arrival at your designated polling station, the Presiding Officer will ask you to confirm your name and address and will issue you with a ballot paper.
  • the ballot paper will be marked with an official stamp.
  • you should take the ballot paper to the voting booth and mark with a "X" the candidate(s) you wish to vote for.
  • fold the ballot paper and deposit it in the ballot box.

How to vote if you cannot get to Polling Station on Election Day

If you are unable to go to your Polling Station on Election Day, you can apply to vote by post or proxy (a proxy is someone who votes on your behalf).

  • if you have a permanent physical incapacity, are registered blind or receive the higher rate of mobility component of the disability living allowance for a physical disability you are eligible for a permanent postal or proxy vote. The form requires the declaration that the information is correct from a doctor, nurse or warden of a home.
  • if your work frequently takes you away from home
  • if you will be on holiday when the election is taking place
  • if you have moved house since you registered and are unable to go to your old polling station.
  • if you are working during all hours of voting, for example as a member of the election staff.

Please contact the Electoral Registration Officer who will advise which form you need to complete.

For specific information about deadlines for a particular election please visit the relevant Elections page.