South Lakeland District Council election results 2021

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Elections were held for district council seats on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Broughton & Coniston district ward

Seats: 1   Turnout: 50.6%    Rejected ballot papers: 5


Party or description (if any)

BRERETON, Matt The Conservative Party Candidate 977
GILLIGAN, Lynette Rosemary Green Party 136
MARTIN, Paul Andrew Labour Party 108
TROUGHTON, Heather Liberal Democrats 1317

TROUGHTON, Heather was elected

Furness Peninsula district ward

Seats: 1   Turnout: 44.9%    Rejected ballot papers: 7

 Candidate Party or description (if any) Votes
BIRCHALL, Loraine Liberal Democrats 790
COOPER, Ben Thomas The Conservative Party Candidate 939
HOWLETT, Peter Alan Green Party 111
WEBSTER, Sharon Lorraine Labour and Co-operative party 216

COOPER, Ben Thomas was elected

Grange district ward

Seats: 1    Turnout:  50.3%   Rejected ballot papers: 10

 Candidates Party or Description (if any) Votes
BARKER, Ben Labour Party 155
ENDSOR, Pete Liberal Democrats 1427
LE MARE, Robin The Green Party 163
TAYLOR, Aron The Conservative Party Candidate 627

ENDSOR, Pete was elected

Kendal Rural district ward

Seats: 1    Turnout: 47.3%   Rejected ballot papers: 13

 Candidate Party or Description (if any) Votes
BURKE, Hanna Maria Labour Party 74
GUDGEON, Luke Ivan The Conservative Party Candidate 794
JAMA, Ali Liberal Democrats 1206
RICHARDSON, Frances Harriet Anne The Green Party 239

JAMA, Ali was elected