South Lakeland District Council election Results 2019

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Elections were held for 16 district council seats on Thursday 2 May 2019.

The overall turnout was 45.06%

Ambleside & Grasmere

Seats: 1 Turnout: 42.6% Rejected ballot papers: 14

Ambleside & Grasmere results
 Candidate Party Votes
BIRCH, Christina The Green Party  176
BROWN, Tim Conservative Party Candidate  398
GILROY, Joshua Spencer  Labour Party  64
LAMB, Malcolm Alistair  Liberal Democrats  735


Arnside & Milnthorpe

Seats: 1 Turnout: 46.56% Rejected ballot papers: 19

Arnside & Milnthorpe results
Candidate   Party Votes
ABEL, Jill The Green Party  269
ASHBURNER, Rachel Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate  616
GILCHRIST, Alison Faith Labour Party  73
MCSWEENEY, Pete Liberal Democrats  1339

PETE MCSWEENEY was elected

Bowness & Levens

Seats: 1 Turnout: 46.3 %Rejected ballot papers: 21

Bowness & Levens results
 Candidate Party Votes
BAVIN, Steve Liberal Democrats  823
BENTLEY, Helen Louise The Green Party  208
RENDELL, Brian John Conservative Party Candidate  1084
TORDORFF, Kate Labour Party  54


Broughton & Coniston

Seats: 1 Turnout: 44.04% Rejected ballot papers 10

Broughton & Coniston results
Candidate   Party Votes
BRERETON, Matt Conservative Party Candidate  830
GILLIGAN, Lynette Rosemary Green Party  170
MARTIN, Paul Andrew Labour Party  115
PIPER, Alan Nigel UK Independence Party (UKIP  177
WHARTON, Ian Charles Liberal Democrats  878


Burton & Crooklands

Seats: 1 Turnout: 45.5%  Rejected ballot papers: 24

Burton & Crooklands results
 Candidate Party Votes
BLUNDEN, Simon The Green Party  200
HARVEY, Tom Conservative Party Candidate  1012
HERBERT, Christine Pearl Liberal Democrats  839
RING, Jim Labour Party  71

TOM HARVEY was elected

Furness Peninsula

Seats: 1 Turnout: 39.26% Rejected ballot papers: 30

Furness Peninsula results
Candidates   Party Votes
BUTCHER, Andrew Clifford Conservative Party Candidate 641
HOWLETT, Peter Alan Green Party 139
HUNT, Eirik Raymond Haugsbak Labour Party 181
WILLIS, Janet Liberal Democrats 801

JANET WILLIS was elected


Seats:1 Turnout: 51.6% Rejected ballot papers: 33

Grange results
 Candidates Party Votes
ASPLIN, Daniel Conservative Party Candidate 665
CASSON, Paul John Labour Party 134
KHAN, Dave Liberal Democrats 1366
LE MARE, Robin Smallwood The Green Party 202

DAVE KHAN was elected

Kendal East

Seats: 1 Turnout: 42.7% Rejected ballot papers: 21

Kendal East results
 Candidates Party Votes
ALEXANDER, James Robin Conservative Party Candidate  619
LADHAMS, Helen Ngaire Liberal Democrats 1148
STAFFORD, Helen Labour Party 167 
WOODS, Paul Anthony The Green Party 209


Kendal Rural

Seats: 1 Turnout: 48.77% Rejected ballot papers: 28

Kendal Rural results
Candidates  Party Votes
BURKE, Hanna Maria Labour Party  90
HODGSON, Hazel Margaret Liberal Democrats  1173
NICHOLSON, Mike Conservative Party Candidate  744
RICHARDSON, Fran The Green Party  316


Kendal South & Natland

Seats: 1 Turnout: 48.64% Rejected ballot papers: 14

Kendal South & Natland results
 Candidates Party Votes
FUSTER, Elsa The Green Party  166
RATHBONE, Doug Liberal Democrats  1333
SPARLING, Lois Katherine Labour Party  96
WADDINGTON, John William Conservative Party Candidate  772

DOUG RATHBONE was elected

Kendal Town

Seats: 1 Turnout: 45.3% Rejected ballot papers: 13

Kendal Town results
 Candidates Party Votes
BRAITHWAITE, Paul Michael Labour Party  222
DIXON, Phil Liberal Democrats  905
RODHAM, Ian The Green Party  787
TAYLOR, Aron Francis Conservative Party Candidate  299

PHIL DIXON was elected

Kendal West

Seats: 1 Turnout: 39% Rejected ballot papers: 12

Kendal West results
Candidates   Party Votes
BATCHELOR, Trevor Labour Party  192
LANE, Hannah Louise Barton Conservative Party Candidate  383
LONG, Susanne Liberal Democrats  1021
VINCENT, Graham Jeffrey Independent  187
WICKHAM, Claire The Green Party  207

SUSANNE LONG was elected

Sedbergh & Kirkby Lonsdale

Seats: 1 Turnout: 55.1% Rejected ballot papers: 28

Sedbergh & Kirkby Lonsdale results
 Candidates Party Votes
CAPSTICK, Sheila Mary Conservative Party Candidate  1072
CROSS, Nick Labour Party  76
JACKSON, Daphne Mary The Green Party  131
PYE, Suzie Liberal Democrats  1332

SUZIE PYE was elected

Ulverston East

Seats: 1 Turnout: 31.4% Rejected ballot papers: 27

Ulverston East results
 Candidates Party Votes
HUDSON, Andrew Liberal Democrats  188
LOYNES, Chris  Green Party  200
SERVANTE HADDOW, Maf Conservative Party Candidate  399
WILSON, Shirley-Anne Labour Party  608


Ulverston West

Seats: 1 Turnout: 45.46% Rejected ballot papers: 19

Ulverston West results
 Candidates Party Votes
BEECHAM, Ray Liberal Democrats  164
FILMORE, Judy The Green Party  756
RIGG, Amanda Jane Conservative Party Candidate  748
WEBSTER, Sharon Lorraine Labour Party  374

JUDY FILMORE was elected


Seats: 1 Turnout: 47.6% Rejected ballot papers: 31

Windermere results
 Candidates Party Votes
HENDERSON, Penny Labour Party  114
HOYLE, Jane Helen Conservative Party Candidate  848
JONES, Dyan Julie Liberal Democrats  1095
THREADGOLD, Kate The Green Party  126

DYAN JULIE JONES was elected