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South Lakeland District Council election results 2018

Elections were held for all 51 District Council seats on Thursday 3 May 2018. The overall turnout for the district council elections was 47.36%.

Ambleside and Grasmere

Seats: 2

Candidate  Party Votes Elected
BIRCH, Christina Helen The Green Party 147 No
GILROY, Josh Labour Party 108 No
HALL, Martin Peter Conservative Party Candidate 399 No
HARRISON, Mark Philip Joss Labour Party 97 No
HUGHES, Vicky Liberal Democrats 863 Yes
KINCAID, Arthur Noel The Green Party 76 No
LILLEY, Sandra Isabel Conservative Party Candidate 375 No
REES, Vivienne June Cassandra Liberal Democrats 780 Yes

Arnside and Milnthorpe

Seats: 3

Candidate  Party Votes Elected
ABEL, Jill The Green Party 353 No
ASHBURNER, Rachel Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 916 No
AUDLAND, Rupert James Liberal Democrats 1,449 Yes
HURST, Steven Andrew Conservative Party Candidate 930 No
McSWEENEY, Pete Liberal Democrats 1,440 Yes
MORGAN, Barry John Labour Party 140 No
PICKUP, Hilary The Green Party 123 No
POOLE, Mark The Green Party 100 No
SHUTTLEWORTH, Katy Louise Conservative Party Candidate 677 No
STEWART, Ian Liberal Democrats 1,513 Yes

Bowness and Levens

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BENTLEY, Helen Louise The Green Party 296 No
BOND, Lynda Liberal Democrats 642 No
HOLDEN-WILDE, Jenny The Green Party 162 No
HOLMES, John Milburn Conservative Party Candidate 1,271 Yes
HOLMES, Kevin Ronald Conservative Party Candidate 1,204 Yes
ROOKE, William Stephen Maurice Liberal Democrats 585 No
SMITH, Carl Lenworth Liberal Democrats 584 No
WHINNEY, Charlie Labour Party 152 No
WILDE, Chris The Green Party 136 No
WILLIAMS, David Lewis Conservative Party Candidate 1,146 Yes

Broughton and Coniston

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BRERETON, Matt Conservative Party Candidate 972 Yes
COWARD, Tracy Jane Liberal Democrats 1,029 Yes
CURWEN, Joss Whineray Independent 286 No
ELLWOOD, Anna Clare Conservative Party Candidate 918 No
FLETCHER, David William Norman Liberal Democrats 940 No
GILLIGAN, Lynette Rosemary The Green Party 234 No
HALL, Anne Conservative Party Candidate 1,081 Yes
MARTIN, Paul Andrew Labour Party 165 No
PARKER, Kevin Michael Labour Party 165 No
SCOTT, Geraldine Ruth Baliol Labour Party 232 No
WHARTON, Ian Charles Liberal Democrats 876 No

Burton and Crooklands

Seats: 3

Ballot papers rejected: 4

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BINGHAM, Roger Kenneth Conservative Party Candidate 1,534  Yes
BLUNDEN, Simon The Green Party 134 No
CASSON, Paul John Labour Party 174 No
COOPER, Brian Conservative Party Candidate 1,218 Yes
ECCLES, Sheila Liberal Democrats 984  No
HARVEY, Tom Conservative Party Candidate 1,205 Yes
HERBERT, Christine Pearl Liberal Democrats 898 No
LETHBRIDGE, Wendi Josephine The Green Party 145 No
SINGLETON, Karl Wayne Liberal Democrats 881 No
WICKHAM, Claire The Green Party 154 No


Seats: 2

Candidate Party Votes Elected
CORNAH, Michael Scott Conservative Party Candidate 687 Yes
GARDNER, Gill Liberal Democrats 784 Yes
HARRISON, Gwen The Green Party 44 No
LE MARE, Robin The Green Party 93 No
MOORE, Joanne Julie Conservative Party Candidate 611 No
RANDOM LOVE, Kate Malinda Holly Labour Party 98 No
RAWCLIFFE, Dave Liberal Democrats 657 No

Furness Peninsula

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
AIREY, Caroline Conservative Party Candidate 986 Yes
AIREY, James Conservative Party Candidate 1,014 Yes
BIRCHALL, Loraine Liberal Democrats 673 No
BUTCHER, Andrew Cliffod Conservative Party Candidate 878 Yes
CASSON, Joan Margaret Labour Party 245 No
COOK, Alan Liberal Democrats 620 No
COOPER, Philip Gregory Labour Party 209 No
HOWLETT, Peter Alan The Green Party 172 No
HUNT, Eirik Raymond Haugsbak Labour Party 202 No
WILLIS, Janet Liberal Democrats 812 No


Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ASHCROFT, Robin Nickel Liberal Democrats 1,139 Yes
ASPLIN, Daniel Conservative Party Candidate 975 No
BUSHELL, Nathan David Conservative Party Candidate 1,016 No
CHAMBERS , Steve Conservative Party Candidate 1,058 No
KENNEDY, Nicola Labour Party 189 No
KHAN, Dave Liberal Democrats 1,121 Yes
MORRELL, Eric Liberal Democrats 1,215 Yes
ROWLEY, Chris The Green Party 115 No
WHITELEY, Rachel The Green Party 272 No
WICKHAM, Clive The Green Party 75 No

Kendal East

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ALEXANDER, James Robin Conservative Party Candidate 806 No
ANTROBUS, Janet The Green Party 205 No
ATHERTON, Phil Labour Party 279 No
FLITCROFT, Pam Conservative Party Candidate 693 No
HENNESSY, Eamonn Matthew Liberal Democrats 958 Yes
HOGG, Rachael Liberal Democrats 1,093 Yes
LADHAMS, Helen Ngaire Liberal Democrats 885 Yes
MASON, Andy The Green Party 146 No
MASON, Maggie Labour Party 221 No
SLATER, Lyndsay Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 719 No
STAFFORD, Helen Labour Party 228 No
WOODS, Paul The Green Party 154 No

Kendal North

Seats: 2

Candidate Party Votes Elected
COLEMAN, Stephen John Liberal Democrats 667 Yes
MAGNE, Jo Labour Party 238 No
MILLER, Laura Green Party 270 No
OWEN, Jon Liberal Democrats 543 Yes
RING, Jim Labour Party 183 No
SCOTT, Thomas Conservative Party Candidate 324 No
TAYLOR, Harry James Albert Conservative Party Candidate 372 No
WOOD, Carole Green Party 468 No

Kendal Rural

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BELL, Pat Conservative Party Candidate 1,044 Yes
BURKE, Hanna Maria Labour Party 176 No
BYROM, Nigel Ronald Conservative Party Candidate 818 No
HALLSALL, Mike Labour Party 181 No
HODGSON, Hazel Margaret Liberal Democrats 907 Yes
HUTTON, Anne Liberal Democrats 969 Yes
NICHOLSON, Mike Conservative Party Candidate 848 No
PORTER, Adrian The Green Party 280 No
RAYSON, Daniel The Green Party 274 No
RICHARDSON, Fran The Green Party 338 No
TEARLE, Cheryl Liberal Democrats 830 No

Kendal South and Natland

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ADAMS, Henry The Green Party 178 No
BOND, Margaret Conservative Party Candidate 872 No
BROOK, Jonathan Richard Liberal Democrats 1,181 Yes
FUSTER-MEARS, Elsa The Green Party 120 No
GILCHRIST, Alison Faith Labour Party 142 No
HILL, Meg The Green Party 160 No
HOGG, Chris Liberal Democrats 1,130 Yes
LAW, Ian Geoffrey Labour Party 114 No
RATHBONE, Doug Liberal Democrats 1,017 Yes
SPARLING, Lois Katherine Labour Party 174 No
TAYLOR, Aron Conservative Party Candidate 906 No
WADDINGTON, John William Conservative Party Candidate 944 No

Kendal Town

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ARCHIBALD, Giles Charles Liberal Democrats 1,219 Yes
BAILEY, Robin The Green Party 301 No
BRAITHWAITE, Paul Michael Labour Party 433 No
DIXON, Phil Liberal Democrats 1,006 Yes
DOWNES, Mick Labour Party 396 No
EGGLESTONE, Daniel James Conservative Party Candidate 419 No
HERBERT, Andrew The Green Party 277 No
IRELAND, Alison Labour Party 365 No
LYALL, Fraser Gordon Conservative Party Candidate 425 No
RODHAM, Ian The Green Party 227 No
SHUTTLEWORTH, Claire Louise Conservative Party Candidate 423 No
THORNTON, Peter Carlyle Liberal Democrats 1,040 Yes

Kendal West

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BATCHELOR, Trevor Labour Party 326 No
COX, Sue The Green Party 205 No
FINCH, Brian Alvin Liberal Democrats 999 Yes
LANE, Hannah Louise Barton Conservative Party Candidate 670 No
MACKIE, Melvin Conservative Party Candidate 558 No
ROTHWELL, Tony Labour Party 355 No
SEVERN, Matt Liberal Democrats 842 Yes
TORDOFF, Kate Labour Party 231 No
VINCENT, Graham Jeffrey Liberal Democrats 841 Yes
WEARING, Bill Conservative Party Candidate 532 No
WHITING, Phil The Green Party 119 No
WHITING, Rosie The Green Party 136 No

Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BEST, Christine Madeline Liberal Democrats 1,158 No
CAPSTICK, Sheila Mary Conservative Party Candidate 1,180 Yes
CHAPPLE, Andi The Green Party 202 No
CROSS, Nick Labour Party 164 No
JACKSON, Daphne The Green Party 141 No
LANCASTER, Kevin John Conservative Party Candidate 1,298 Yes
MITCHELL, Ian David Liberal Democrats 1,213 Yes
PRING, Sheena Katharine Conservative Party Candidate 1,076 No
PYE, Suzie Liberal Democrats 1,176 No
RUBINSTEIN, Adam The Green Party 80 No

Ulverston East

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ARCHER, Sarah Jane Conservative Party Candidate 561 No
BISHOP-ROWE, Norman Conservative Party Candidate 581 No
COOPER, Ben Thomas Conservative Party Candidate 514 No
HUDSON, Andrew Liberal Democrats 224 No
LOYNES, Chris The Green Party 272 No
WEBSTER, David John Labour Party 806 Yes
WILSON, Mark Labour Party 818 Yes
WILSON, Shirley-Anne Labour Party 747 Yes

Ulverston West

Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BEECHAM, Ray Liberal Democrats 247 No
FILMORE, Judy The Green Party 500 No
IRVING, Helen Conservative Party Candidate 1,032 Yes
JENKINSON, Janette Ethel Conservative Party Candidate 1,028 Yes
NICHOLSON, Maureen Frances Liberal Democrats 194 No
RAJAN, Bharath Sundara Labour Party 640 No
RIGG, Amanda Jane Conservative Party Candidate 955 Yes
WEBSTER, Sharon Lorraine Labour Party 625 No
WILLISON-PARRY, Derek Ronald Labour Party 569 No


Seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BERRY, Ben Conservative Party Candidate 1,234  Yes
BRASHER, Georgie The Green Party 85  No
HENDERSON, Penny Labour Party 231  No
HOYLE, Jane Helen Conservative Party Candidate 975  No
JARVIS, Andrew Guy Liberal Democrats 1,067 Yes
JONES, Dyan Julie Liberal Democrats 1,035 Yes
KEELING, Ian Frederick Conservative Party Candidate 899 No
KHAN, Magda Sezana Louise Liberal Democrats 934 No
MORGAN, Eve The Green Party 81 No
THREADGOLD, Kate The Green Party 181 No
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