South Lakeland District Council election results 2008

Following boundary changes to restore electoral equality, the number of district wards has been reduced from 47 to 45, and the number of district councillors from 52 to 51.  All 51 seats were contested.

Ambleside and Grasmere Ward

Seats: 2 Electorate: 4,001 

Candidate Party Votes
BARTON, Brian Conservative 542
BROWN, Tim Conservative 518
REES, Vivienne June Cassandra * Liberal Democrats 1,140
VATCHER, David Maurice * Liberal Democrats 1,113

REES, Vivienne June Cassandra (Liberal Democrats) and VATCHER, David Maurice (Liberal Democrats) were elected.

Arnside and Beetham Ward

Seats: 2 Electorate: 3,541 

Candidate Party Votes
BLONKSY, Sue Conservative 836
FISHER, Peter Conservative 845
JUPE, Pru * Liberal Democrats 1,337
STEWART, Ian * Liberal Democrats 1,292

JUPE, Pru (Liberal Democrats) and STEWART, Ian (Liberal Democrats) were elected.

Broughton Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,845

Candidate Party Votes
CURWEN, Joss * Conservative 667
RABONE, Barry Maciek Liberal Democrats 382

CURWEN, Joss (Conservative) was elected.

Burneside Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,598 

Candidate Party Votes
HODSON, Frank * Liberal Democrats 578
WRIGHT, Eric Harris Conservative 196

HODSON, Frank (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Burton and Holme Ward

Seats: 2 Electorate: 2,951 

Candidate Party Votes
BINGHAM, Roger Kenneth *  Conservative 1,132
CHANDLER, Scott Liberal Democrats 524
COOPER, Brian Conservative 916
JOHNSTON, Geoff Liberal Democrats 597

BINGHAM, Roger Kenneth (Conservative) and COOPER, Brian (Conservative) were elected.

Cartmel and Grange West Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,540 

Candidate Party Votes
CHAMBERS, Steve Conservative 326
WILSON, Mary Edith Liberal Democrats 617

WILSON, Mary Edith (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Coniston and Crake Valley Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,365 

Candidate Party Votes
HALL, Anne * Conservative 518
HEMINGWAY , John Clifford Liberal Democrats 291

HALL, Anne (Conservative) was elected.

Crooklands Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,760 

Candidate Party Votes
COCKER, Rob Conservative 338
ECCLES, Sheila * Liberal Democrats 803

ECCLES, Sheila (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Grange North Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,871 

Candidate Party Votes
BOARDMAN, Russell Liberal Democrats 344
WEARING, Bill * Conservative 580

WEARING, Bill (Conservative) was elected.

Grange South Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,586 

Candidate Party Votes
HAMILTON-BRUCE, Anluise Marcelle Liberal Democrats 492
HARVEY, Tom * Conservative 501

HARVEY, Tom (Conservative) was elected.

Hawkshead Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,504 

Candidate Party Votes
DAVIES, Colin Liberal Democrats 486
SALISBURY, Claire Frances  Conservative 422

DAVIES, Colin (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Holker Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,590

Candidate Party Votes
AIREY, Ruth Margaret Conservative 368
NICHOLSON, Maureen Frances Liberal Democrats 471

NICHOLSON, Maureen Frances (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Castle Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,570 

Candidate Party Votes
ALEXANDER, James Conservative 273
LAWSON, Sonia * Liberal Democrats 617

LAWSON, Sonia (Liberal Democrats) was elected. 

Kendal Far Cross Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,646 

Candidate Party Votes
FARRELL, Enda Desmond Green Party  109
GRAHAM, Clive Rodney * Liberal Democrats 478
SLATER, Lyndsay Elizabeth Conservative 147

GRAHAM, Clive Rodney (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Fell Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,640 

Candidate Party Votes
CREWDSON, Diana Conservative 133
LITTLE, Paul * Liberal Democrats 508
SPARLING, Lois Katherine Labour 81

LITTLE, Paul (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Heron Hill Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,521 

Candidate Party Votes
SHINE, Andy * Liberal Democrats 640
TOMLINSON, Ian David Conservative 185

SHINE, Andy (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Highgate Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,634 

Candidate Party Votes
HOGG, Chris James Liberal Democrats 537
HUCK, Deborah Ann Conservative 111

HOGG, Chris James (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Kirkland Ward 

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,662 

Candidate Party Votes
CARTMELL, Elizabeth Conservative 78
DAWSON, Julie Marie Liberal Democrats 412
ROTHWELL, Robert Anthony Labour 112

DAWSON, Julie Marie (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Mintsfeet Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,582 

Candidate Party Votes
BROOK, Jonathan Richard * Liberal Democrats 587
WILLIAMS, Margaret Conservative 129

BROOK, Jonathan Richard (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Nether Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,674 

Candidate Party Votes
FEENEY-JOHNSON, Clare * Liberal Democrats 702
PARKER, William Kevin Conservative 122

FEENEY-JOHNSON, Clare (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Oxenholme and Natland Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,617 

Candidate Party Votes
BYROM, Nigel Conservative 278
GRAY, Brenda Clare * Liberal Democrats 596

GRAY, Brenda Clare (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Parks Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,709 

Candidate Party Votes
BIRCHALL, Peter Conservative 147
JAMESON, Brendan Liberal Democrats 568 

JAMESON, Brendan (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Romney Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,691

Candidate Party Votes
FLITCROFT, Pam Conservative 152
VINCENT, Graham Jeffrey * Liberal Democrats 615

VINCENT, Graham Jeffrey (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Stonecross Ward 

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,623 

Candidate Party Votes
EMMOTT, Sylvia Margaret * Liberal Democrats 743
TOMLINSON, Jack Conservative  153

EMMOTT, Sylvia Margaret (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Strickland Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,493 

Candidate Party Votes
COLEMAN, Stephen John * Liberal Democrats 611
WILLIAMS, Kate Margaret Conservative 117

COLEMAN, Stephen John (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Kendal Underley Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,660 

Candidate Party Votes
BRAITHWAITE, Paul Michael Labour 125
MURFIN, Gwen * Liberal Democrats 541
PRICE, Alan Conservative 117

MURFIN, Gwen (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Levens Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,709 

Candidate Party Votes
HULME, Ailsa Conservative 412
WOOF, Brenda Elizabeth * Liberal Democrats 737

WOOF, Brenda Elizabeth (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Low Furness Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,473

Candidate Party Votes
AIREY, James Conservative 415
BEECHAM, Ray Liberal Democrats 343
DUNCALF, Jo-Anna Clare Green Party 43

AIREY, James (Conservative) was elected.

Lyth Valley Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,827

Candidate Party Votes
BALLANTYNE-SMITH, Rosie Liberal Democrats 585
BROWN, Robin Galloway * Conservative 467

BALLANTYNE-SMITH, Rosie (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Mid Furness Ward

Seats: 2 Electorate: 3,178

Candidate Party Votes
BARRY, Wendy Conservative 539
CARSON, June Liberal Democrats 925
COOPER, Jackie Liberal Democrats 969
FISHER, Anne Conservative 404
RAJAN, Bharath Sundara Labour 88

CARSON, June (Liberal Democrats) and COOPER, Jackie (Liberal Democrats) were elected.

Milnthorpe Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,669

Candidate Party Votes
BAVERSTOCK, Alan Joslyn Liberal Democrats 681
COYLE, Mike Conservative 222

BAVERSTOCK, Alan Joslyn (Liberal Democrats) was elected

Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale Ward

Seats: 3 Electorate: 4,844

Candidate Party Votes
FENWICK, Anne Conservative 1,127
LANCASTER, Kevin John * Conservative 1,432
McPHERSON, Ian Liberal Democrats 1,245
PEARSON, Fenner James Liberal Democrats 1,183
READ, Rodger * Conservative 1,210
WOOF, Peter Liberal Democrats 1,274

LANCASTER, Kevin John (Conservative), McPHERSON, Ian (Liberal Democrats) and WOOF, Peter (Liberal Democrats) were elected.

Staveley-in-Cartmel Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,577

Candidate Party Votes
LEAL, Clive Gregory Liberal Democrats 462
WALSH, Ted Conservative 416

LEAL, Clive Gregory (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Staveley-in-Westmorland Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,694

Candidate Party Votes
COLLINS, Stan * Liberal Democrats 724
WRIGHT, Angela Mary Conservative 180

COLLINS, Stan (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Ulverston Central Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,542

Candidate Party Votes
BISHOP-ROWE, Norman * Conservative 292
GILL, Roy Labour 159
HUMBERSTONE, John Liberal Democrats 58

BISHOP-ROWE, Norman (Conservative) was elected.

Ulverston East Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,604

Candidate Party Votes
EDMONDSON, Ronald Liberal Democrats 74
HORNBY, Peter Conservative 189
WILSON, John Mark Labour 208

WILSON, John Mark (Labour) was elected.

Ulverston North Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,499

Candidate Party Votes
CASSON, Joan Margaret Labour 166
DARBISHIRE, Charley Liberal Democrats 72
FILMORE, Simon James Green Party 76
HODGSON, Colin * Conservative 388

HODGSON, Colin (Conservative) was elected.

Ulverston South Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,499

Candidate Party Votes
BIRCHALL, Celia Liberal Democrats 82
PICKTHALL, Judith Ann Labour 133
WILKINSON, Brian * Conservative 398

WILKINSON, Brian (Conservative) was elected.

Ulverston Town Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,453 

Candidate Party Votes
RABONE, Barbara Liberal Democrats 66
SAMSON, Jamie Conservative 208
WILLIAMS, Colin Labour 204

SAMSON, Jamie (Conservative) was elected.

Ulverston West Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,552

Candidate Party Votes
BIRCHALL, Loraine Liberal Democrats 81
JENKINSON, Janette * Conservative 448
PICKTHALL, Colin Labour 111

JENKINSON, Janette (Conservative) was elected.

Whinfell Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,500

Candidate Party Votes
MACKIE, Mel Conservative 297
THORNTON, Peter Caryle * Liberal Democrats 488

THORNTON, Peter Caryle (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Windermere Applethwaite and Troutbeck Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,710

Candidate Party Votes
NICHOLSON, Michael Patrick Conservative 442
STEPHENSON, Jo Liberal Democrats 518

STEPHENSON, Jo (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Windermere Bowness North Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,696 

Candidate Party Votes
HALL, Stephen James Conservative 227
STEPHENSON, Hilary Jane * Liberal Democrats 654

STEPHENSON, Hilary Jane (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

Windermere Bowness South Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,586

Candidate Party Votes
JONES, Dyan Julie Liberal Democrats 231
WILLIAMS, David Lewis * Conservative 433

WILLIAMS, David Lewis (Conservative) was elected.

Windermere Town Ward

Seats: 1 Electorate: 1,634 

Candidate Party Votes
ATKINSON, Kath * Liberal Democrats 553
ROBINSON, Enid Conservative 118

ATKINSON, Kath (Liberal Democrats) was elected.

SLDC political balance

SLDC political balance Conservative Labour Liberal Democrats Independent Green
Prior to 1 May 2008 16 2 32 1 1
Contested seats on 1 May 2008 following reduction in number of councillors from 52 to 51 16 2 32 1 1
New total 14 1 36 0 0

* denotes a sitting councillor (although the ward may have changed as a result of boundary changes) 

Positive Feedback Okay Feedback Negative Feedback