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Town and parish council election results 2018

Elections were held on Thursday 3 May 2018 for Councillors for Kendal Town Council and in the East ward of Ulverston Town Council.

Kendal Town Council

All wards in Kendal Town Council were contested.

Kendal Castle

Seats: 2

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
ATHERTON, Phil Labour Party 262 No
HENNESSY, Eamonn Matthew Liberal Democrats 446 Yes
HOGG, Rachael Liberal Democrats 538 Yes

Kendal Fell

Seats: 2

Candidate  Description (if any)  Votes Elected
ARCHIBALD, Giles Charles Liberal Democrats 528 Yes
GIBSON, Patricia  Liberal Democrats 477 Yes
PALMER, Steve Labour Party 233 No
TORDOFF, Kate Labour Party 221 No

Kendal Heron Hill 

Seats: 4

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BLACKMAN, Andy Liberal Democrats 751 Yes
BROOK, Jonathan Richard Liberal Democrats 870 Yes
HOGG, Chris Liberal Democrats 904 Yes
RATHBONE, Doug Liberal Democrats 730 Yes
SPARLING, Lois Katherine Labour Party 374 No

Kendal Highgate

Seats: 2

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BRAITHWAITE, Paul Michael Labour Party 225 No
COOK, Geoff Liberal Democrats 477 Yes
LANE, Hannah Louise Barton Conservative Party Candidate 195 No
MILES, Dave Liberal Democrats  401 Yes

Kendal Kirkland

Seats: 4

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BATESON, John Anthony Labour Party 277 No
FINCH, Brian Alvin Liberal Democrats 639 Yes
MILES, Michele Liberal Democrats 514 Yes
ROTHWELL, Tony Labour Party 332 No
SEVERN, Matt Liberal Democrats 478 Yes
SUTTON, Richard Francis Liberal Democrats 459 Yes
VEEVERS, John Independent 307 No

Kendal Mintsfeet

Seats: 2

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
CORNTHWAITE, Jonathan Liberal Democrats 430  Yes
DOWNES, Mick Labour Party 231  No
DUNLOP, Julia Liberal Democrats 390  Yes
LYNCH, Tom Labour Party 206  No

Kendal Nether

Seats: 4

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
ALEXANDER, James Robin Conservative Party Candidate 555 No
EDWARDS, Adam James Liberal Democrats 674 Yes
EVANS, Shirley Amelia Liberal Democrats 800 Yes
HARDY, Carol Anne Liberal Democrats 775 Yes
LADHAMS, Helen Ngaire Liberal Democrats 648 Yes
SLATER, Lyndsay Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 525 No
STAFFORD, Helen Labour Party 280 No

Kendal Oxenholme

Seats: 1

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
GILCHRIST, Alison Faith Labour Party  115  No
TIRVENGADUM, Guy Liberal Democrats  290 Yes

Kendal Stonecross

Seats: 3

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BATCHELOR, Trevor Labour Party 281 No
CRAWFORD, Robert William Liberal Democrats 588 Yes
LAW, Ian Geoffrey Labour Party 227 No
LONG, Susanne Liberal Democrats 556 Yes
VINCENT, Graham Jeffrey Liberal Democrats 541 Yes

Kendal Strickland

Seats: 4

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BRAHAM, Paul Leslie Liberal Democrats 531 Yes
COLEMAN, Stephen John Liberal Democrats 686 Yes
FLITCROFT, Pamela Mary Conservative Party Candidate 367 No
HARRISON, Gwen Green Party 377 No
MAGNE, Jo Labour Party 300 No
MORGAN, Evelyn Green Party 410 No
NICHOLSON, Mike Conservative Party Candidate 359 No
OWEN, Jon Liberal Democrats 573 Yes
RING, Jim Labour Party 242 No
RODHAM, Ian Green Party 288 No
ROWLEY, Chris Green Party 570 Yes
SARGINSON, Sharon Kathleen Liberal Democrats 449 No
WADDINGTON, John William Conservative Party Candidate 409 No

Ulverston Town Council

Ulverston East by-election

A vacancy arose in the Ulverston East ward of Ulverston Town Council due to the resignation of Councillor Dawn Smith. An election was subsequently called by ten electors of the parish ward which meant a by-election had to be held.

Seats: 1

Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
ARCHER, Sarah Jane Conservative Party Candidate 188 No
LOYNES, Chris The Green Party 66 No
WILSON, Shirley-Anne Labour Party 274 Yes

Uncontested elections

An election is not contested if there are fewer candidates nominated than there are spaces on the councils.

All the elections below were not contested on 3 May 2018 and the candidates were elected on to the following parish councils unopposed:

  • Dent Parish Council
  • Garsdale Parish Council
  • Natland Parish Council
  • Sedbergh Parish Council
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