Parish elections results 2007

Last Updated: 17 May 2023


Beetham East parish ward

Seats: 4 Electorate: 597

Result of the election on 3 May 2007 in Beetham: East parish
Candidate Description Votes Elected
BLENKHARN, Kenneth none 127 Yes
CLARK, David Brian none 153 Yes
DUCKWORTH, Ian Michael Joseph none 119 Yes
HANDY, Julian John (Mr) Beetham Village Association 109 No
HUCK, Bryan Mr 113 No
JUPE, Pru none 209 Yes

Casterton parish

Seats: 5 Electorate: 222

Result of the election on 3 May 2007 in Casterton parish
Candidate Description Votes Elected
BROOKS, David D. none 62 No
BULMAN, Ron Education Consultant 79 Yes
HUMPHRIS, Ken none 38 No
MAKINSON, John Wilfred none 72 Yes
MAWDSLEY, Laura Jayne none 76 Yes
METCALFE, David none 92 Yes
WILLIAMS, Frank Bray Retired Engineer 67 Yes


Seats: 9 Electorate: 3,609 

Result of the election on 3 May 2007 in Grange
Candidate Description Votes Elected
BENSON, Anita Louise none 818 Yes
EASTLICK, David Thomas none 419 No
GERRARD, Ralph Joseph none 459 Yes
HADWIN, Mark none 1,165 Yes
HARVEY, Tom none 946 Yes
LEACH, Robert none 1,113 Yes
McCALL, Frank none 308 No
REES, David Eric none 308 No
SHAPLAND, Ronald Edwin none 838 Yes
SPEIGHT, Alan none 359 No
STRAWBRIDGE, Jane none 887 Yes
THORNE, Nick none 393 No
WEARING, Bill none 919 Yes
WEBSTER, Robin Local Authority Officer 950 Yes

Urswick: Urswick parish ward

Seats: 5 Electorate: 660

Result of the election on 3 May 2007 in Urswick: Urswick
Candidate Description Votes Elected
BUTTERFIELD, Brian none 198 Yes
GARDNER, H Sub Postmaster 179 Yes
JAMES, Geoffrey Michael none 205 Yes
ROGERS, Michael Mr 209 Yes
STABLES, Harry none 123 No
STUBBS, Daniel Joseph none 152 Yes
TURBITT, Margaret Elizabeth McDonald none 137 No
WEBSTER, Jim Mr 145 No
WINDER, Jeffrey none 126 No