Parish election results 2021

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Notices of Election for several parish councils in the South Lakeland area were published on 25 March 2020.

Seven of these elections were contested (where there were more candidates than there were vacancies) and polls were held on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Results of contested parish elections

Ulverston Town Council: Ulverston Central Ward

Seats: 3 Turnout: 32.8% Rejected ballot papers: 0

Candidate   Party or Description (if any) Votes Elected
ASHLEY, Alex Conservative Party Candidate 176  
FLETCHER-COONEY, Florence Daisy Catrina Labour Party 237 *
HUDSON, Andrew Liberal Democrats 86  
RIGG, Ian Conservative Party Candidate 154  
SCROGHAM, Graham Labour Party 219 *
SMITH, Paul Graham Labour Party 195 *
TATE, Brian Conservative Party Candidate 136  

Ulverston Town Council: Ulverston East Ward

Seats: 3 Turnout: 26.7%  Rejected ballot papers: 1

 Candidate Party or Description (if any) Votes Elected
ARCHER, Sarah Jane Conservative Party Candidate 209 *
FILMORE, Simon James Green Party 142  
WEBSTER, Sharon Lorraine Labour and Co-operative Party 230 *
WILSON, Mark Labour Party 224 *
WILSON, Shirley-Anne Labour Party 194  

Ulverston Town Council: Ulverston North Ward

Seats: 3 Turnout: 50.4% Rejected ballot papers: 3

 Candidates Party or Description (if any) Votes Elected
DRAKE, Jacqueline Ann Labour Party 278 *
FILMORE, Judy Green Party Lead Candidate 512 *
HORNBY, Margaret Conservative Party Candidate 264 *
HORNBY, Peter Conservative Party Candidate 234  
HUNT, Eirik Labour Party 196  
LOYNES, Chris Green Party 259  
MUSKER, Phil Labour Party 211  
RAE, Stephen George Green Party 234  

Ulverston Town Council: Ulverston South Ward

Seats: 3 Turnout: 43.1% Rejected ballot papers: 3

 Candidates Party or Description (if any) Votes Elected
BISHOP-ROWE, Norman Conservative Party Candidate 310 *
BROWN, Paula Labour Party 123  
CLARK, John Labour Party 109  
CLARKE, Julia Labour Party 127  
GERRY, Bob Green Party Lead Candidate 186  
IRVING, Thomas Conservative Party Candidate 264 *
RIGG, Amanda Conservative Party Candidate 285 *
RIGG, Paul Alan Green Party 121  
SHAW, Bill Green Party 147  

Ulverston Town Council: Ulverston Town Ward

Seats: 3 Turnout: 33.1% Rejected ballot papers: 3

 Candidates Party or Description (if any) Votes Elected
BARRY, Wendy Conservative Party Candidate 188  
BROWN, Bob Labour Party 271 *
MORRIS, Alison Elaine Conservative Party Candidate 147  
SCROGHAM, Michelle Labour Party 284 *
WEBSTER, David John Labour and Co-operative Party 273 *

Ulverston Town Council: Ulverston West Ward

Seats: 3 Turnout: 50.7% Rejected ballot papers: 2

Candidate  Party or Description (if any)  Votes Elected
BUTCHER, Andrew Clifford Conservative Party Candidate 406 *
HOWLETT, Peter Alan Green Party 204  
IRVING, Helen Conservative Party Candidate 399 *
JOHNSON, Steve Green Party 155  
JONES, Pat Conservative Party Candidate 385 *
LAWRENCE, John Barton Labour Party 119  
MCARTHUR, John Labour Party 111  
O'HARA, Robert Green Party Lead Candidate 229  
STANTON, Marion Esther Labour Party 114  

Crosthwaite & Lyth Parish Council

Candidate Party or Description (if any) Votes Elected
BIBBY, Lisa Marie   122 *
CLEASBY, Paul   94  
DOBSON, Angela Christine Nurse/Local resident 130 *
DOBSON, Matthew Lambert Retired 123 *
GERRARD, Alan John Independent 113  
HARKNESS, Mary Claire   137 *
JOHNSON, Simon Howard Independent 82  
JOHNSON, Tracy Dorothy   87  
METCALFE, Andrew Peter   120 *
MOBBS, Philip William   41  
SHARP, Edward   152 *
SYKES, Robert William   142 *

Uncontested elections

An election is not contested if there are fewer candidates nominated that there are spaces on the council.

All the elections below were not contested 6 May 2021 and the candidates were elected onto the following councils unopposed:

  • Blawith & Subberthwaite Parish Council
  • Broughton East Parish Council
  • Burton-in-Kendal Parish Council
  • Cartmel Fell Parish Council
  • Claife Parish Council
  • Colton Parish Council
  • Coniston Parish Council
  • Crook Parish Council
  • Haverthwaite Parish Council
  • Hawkshead Parish Council
  • Helsington Parish Council
  • Heversham Parish Council
  • Holme Parish Council
  • Levens Parish Council
  • Lindale & Newton-in-Cartmel Parish Council
  • Lowick Parish Council
  • Milnthorpe Parish Council
  • Preston Richard Parish Council
  • Satterthwaite Parish Council
  • Sedgwick Parish Council
  • Skelwith Parish Council
  • Stainton Parish Council
  • Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council
  • Staveley-with-Ings Parish Council
  • Torver Parish Council
  • Witherslack, Meathop & Ulpha Parish Council