Parish election results 2015

Aldingham North parish ward

Seats: 3

Candidate Votes Elected
BAUMBER, Alison 189 Yes
COOK, Alan 172 No
GREAVES, Michael Herbert 218 Yes
PARK, Carol Ann 231 Yes

Grange North ward

Seats: 4

Candidate Votes Elected
BRENNAND, Margaret 368 No
INGLE, Martin 470 Yes
McCALL, Frank 245 No
SHAPLAND, Judith 586 Yes
THOMAS, Tricia 498 Yes
THORNE, Nick 392 No
WALMSLEY, Ann 843 Yes

Grange South ward

Seats: 4

Candidate Votes Elected
ENDSOR, Peter 349 No
HARVEY, Tom 695 Yes
HATHORN, Tracy Louise 523 Yes
SHAPLAND, Ron 496 Yes
WOODS, William 417 Yes

Lakes Ambleside ward

Seats: 6

Candidate Votes Elected
BOSSON, Matthew Thomas 594 Yes
COLQUHOUN, Maureen Morfydd 424 No
HEWITT, Brian 657 Yes
JONSON, Leslie 526 Yes
MARTIN, Nicholas Charles 599 Yes
SOWERBUTTS, Anne 514 Yes
THOMPSON, Philip Arnold 441 Yes

Strickland Ketel parish

Seats: 7

Candidate Votes Elected
BYROM, Nigel 291 Yes
CROPPER, Arty 298 Yes
GINSBERG, David 191 Yes
GRANGER, Christopher David 283 Yes
HARRISON, Jennifer Karen 286 Yes
MILLER, Laura 192 Yes
RIDYARD, Pennie June 161 No
WADE, Robert Derrick 320 Yes

Underbarrow and Bradleyfield parish

Seats: 7

Candidate Votes Elected
CUNLIFFE, Benjamin 103 Yes
GIBSON, Sylvia 139 Yes
HOLT, Christopher Lee 93 Yes
RICHARDSON, Gary 125 Yes
SIMPSON, Andrew 149 Yes
SIMPSON, Mark 101 Yes
SWINDLEHURST, Peter Hewett 153 Yes
YOUNGER, Harry Anthony 66 No

Urswick, Bardsea and Stainton: Urswick parish

Seats: 5

Candidate Votes Elected
CHAMBERLAIN, Denise Elaine Scott 216 Yes
KEEN, Jeff 251 Yes
STUBBS, Daniel Joseph 197 Yes
SWARBRICK, Stuart Alan 175 No
SWEETING, Shaun Anthony 191 Yes
WINDER, Jeffrey 243 Yes
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