Parish election results 2012


Coniston parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 739 Number of ballot papers: 441 Rejected votes: 0 Turnout: 59.67%

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BATTY, Ken none 258 Yes
CARROLL, Jeff Sales Manager 331 Yes
COXON, David none 308 Yes
HALL, Anne none 317 Yes
KELLY, Adam Joseph none 240 Yes
STODDART, John Harrison none 264 Yes
SUTHERLAND, Adam Douglas Director 128 No
TARR, Lee Jonathan none 331 Yes
WHIRITY, Toni none 161 No

Crosthwaite and Lyth parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 540 Number of ballot papers: 331 Rejected votes: 9 Turnout: 61.3%

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BOWNASS, Jim none 231 Yes
CASSON, Martin John none 203 Yes
CROSS, Paula Children at school. Local family 202 Yes
DOBSON, Daniel Thomas none 148 No
DOBSON, Matthew Retired farmer 173 Yes
GOODLAND, Judy none 126 No
HALLOWELL, Audrey Patricia none 89 No
HARKNESS, Mary Claire Independent 175 Yes
SMITH, Chris none 179 Yes
WORSLEY, Bruce Holt none 170 Yes

Haverthwaite parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 614 Number of ballot papers: 298 Rejected votes: 5 Turnout: 48.53%

Candidate Description Votes Elected
CLARKE, Timothy Richard none 129 Yes
EGGLESTONE, Gordon Cedric none 154 Yes
EMMETT, Bob none 97 No
FELL, Doreen none 126 Yes
PYE, Mike none 81 No
SANDERSON, Sue none 235 Yes
STODDART, Catherine Elizabeth Mrs 136 Yes
THOMPSON, Julie none 98 Yes
WODDY, Jonathan Charles none 136 Yes

Helsington parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 266 Number of ballot papers: 170 Rejected votes: 5 Turnout: 63.9%

Candidate Description Votes Elected
CARMAN, Steve none 78 Yes
DAVIES, Alan Charles Takes part in village life 88 Yes
DOBSON, Andrew Johnathon none 63 No
HODSON, Philip Arthur none 56 No
MANSBRIDGE, Beryl none 95 Yes
SEDDON, John none 82 Yes
STEER, Susan Mrs 68 Elected by lot
SYKES, Barry none 97 Yes
WHELAN, Mike none 68 No
WILSON, Graham Robert none 70 Yes
WRIGLEY, Vernon Arthur none 58 No

Heversham parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 571 Number of ballot papers: 365 Rejected votes: 10 Turnout: 63.92%

Candidate Votes Elected
ALDERSON, John 176 Yes
BLAND, Adrian Noble 172 Yes
CAPSTICK, Gordon 242 Yes
CLARKE, Peter John 195 Yes
CORDWELL, David 217 Yes
GRINDEY, Tom 182 Yes
LUCAS, Andrew 130 No
SHEPHERD, Adele Louise 240 Yes

Holme parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 1,184 Number of ballot papers: 630 Rejected votes: 15 Turnout: 53.21%

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BROWN, Vic none 340 Yes
COOPER, Brian none 317 Yes
DUCKETT, Edwin Farmer retired 308 Yes
HUNTER, Thomas none 206 Yes
PARKER, Neville Rigby Retired Civil Servant 154 No
SHERRIFF, Medwin John none 323 Yes
WRAGG, Sue none 337 Yes
YOUDELL, Christine none 196 Yes

Levens parish

Seats: 8 Electorate: 848 Number of ballot papers: 577 Rejected votes: 5 Turnout: 68.04%

Candidate Description Votes Elected
ATFIELD, Roger John Shop Owner 336 Yes
BAGOT, Susan Elizabeth Company Director 401 Yes
BERGE, Jenny none 181 No
BURROW, Helen none 330 Yes
CAPSTICK, Naomi none 295 Yes
FEREDAY, Brian  none 369 Yes
HAMMOND, Christopher Frank none 222 No
MARTIN, David Robert Farmer 287 Yes
MASON, Roger Michael Farmer 339 Yes
THACKER, John Charles Hugh none 252 Yes

Stainton parish

Seats: 5 Electorate: 256 Number of ballot papers: 134 Rejected votes: 1 Turnout: 52.34%

Candidate Description Votes Elected
CARTMELL, John Retired farmer 61 No
KNOWLES, Julie Mrs 85 Yes
MASON, Thomas Miles none 68 Yes
NELSON, Thomas none 82 Yes
STOTT, John none 64 Yes
WILSON, Geoff Social worker Cumbria County Council 74 Yes

Ulverston Central ward

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,512 Number of ballot papers: 496 Number of rejected votes: 7 Turnout: 32.8% 

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BUTCHER, Andrew Clifford Conservative 171 No
COOPER, Philip Gregory Labour 244 Yes
RAJAN, Bharath Sundara Labour 292 Yes
SMITH, Paul Labour 280 Yes
WATSON, Tom Conservative 182 No

Ulverston East ward

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,645 Number of ballot papers: 414 Rejected votes: 12 Turnout: 25.17%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
HORNBY, Peter Conservative 151 No
LISTER, Philip Laurence Labour 243 Yes
MARR, Brenda Maureen Labour 214 Yes
WILSON, John Mark Labour 228 Yes

Ulverston North ward

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,537 Number of ballot papers: 710 Rejected votes: 1 Turnout: 46.2%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
FILMORE, Judith Ann  Green Party 230 No
HANCOCK, Jan Conservative 234 No
HORNBY, Margaret Conservative 268 Yes
HUDSON, Andrew Liberal Democrats 93 No
IRVING, Helen Conservative 283 Yes
LAWRENCE, John Barton Labour 243 No
PICKTHALL, Colin Labour 296 Yes
WILLIAMS, Colin Labour 224 No

Ulverston South ward

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,495 Number of ballot papers: 595 Rejected votes: 2 Turnout: 39.8%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ABEYSURIYA, Luckshan Labour 234 No
BISHOP-ROWE, Norman Conservative 381 Yes
RIGG, Amanda Jane Conservative 365 Yes
TATE, Brian Conservative 297 Yes

Ulverston Town ward

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,482 Number of ballot papers: 504 Rejected votes: 10 Turnout: 34.0%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BARRY, Wendy Conservative 147 No
CLOUGH, John Victor Labour 289 Yes
HALFPENNY, Pauline Conservative 164 No
HARRIS, Jane Elizabeth Labour 238 Yes
IRVING, Thomas Denney Conservative 136 No
PICKTHALL, Judith Ann Labour 253 Yes

Ulverston West ward

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,509 Number of ballot papers: 606 Rejected votes: 8 Turnout: 40.16%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
HUNT, Charles Ian Labour 225 No
JENKINSON, Janette Ethel Conservative 416 Yes
JONES, Pat Conservative 347 Yes
PROSSER, James Watterson Conservative 283 Yes
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