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Parish election results 2008


Coniston parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 760 

Candidate Description Votes Elected
ADAMS, Derek Stanley Charted Accountant 132 No
CARROLL, Jeff none 235 No
COOPER, Lorna none 184 No
COXON, David none 262 Yes
HALL, Anne none 301 Yes
HEXT, Rosemary Emily Petherick none 252 Yes
HILL, Peter none 317 Yes
KELLY, Elaine none 272 Yes
PIPER, Alan Nigel Hotelier 50 No
STODDART, John Harrison Retired Production Supervisor 247 Yes
SUTHERLAND, Adam Douglas none 41 No
TARR, Lee Jonathan none 339 Yes
WALTON, Richard none 158 No

Helsington parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 265

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BULMAN, Charles none 88 Yes
DOBSON, Andrew Johnathon none 86 Yes
MANSBRIDGE, Beryl none 88 Yes
ROBINSON, Howard none 58 No
ROGERS, Jo none 77 Yes
SEDDON, John none 68 No
SMITHSON, David Wilfrid Maynard none 73 No
STEER, Susan none 93 Yes
WHELAN, Mike none 92 Yes
WHORWOOD Mike none 45 No
WRIGLEY, Vernon Arthur Mr 75 Yes

Holme parish

Seats: 7 Electorate: 1,137

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BARLOW, Peter Michael  none 274 Yes
COOPER, Brian  none 262 Yes
DUCKETT, Edwin  none 373 Yes
GIBBONS, Lynne Joyce  none 348 Yes
HUNTER, Thomas Retired Site Manager 223 No
McKINLEY-ROOKE, Carol  none 241 No
McMINN, Stuart  none 228 No
SHERIFF, Medwin John  none 371 Yes
SMITH, Rod Highways Agency Traffic Officer 132 No
WILKINSON, Terry  none 361 Yes
WRAGG, Sue  none 415 Yes

Satterthwaite parish

Seats: 5 Electorate: 189

Candidate Votes Elected
FLETCHER, David William Norman 45 No
GILL, Tim 75 Yes
GRANVILLE, David William 42 No
STOKER, Andrew James 65 Yes
THRELKELD, Arthur 84 Yes
TIPLADY, Suzanne 55 Yes
WILSON, Jamie 48 Yes

Central Ward of Ulverston

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,542

Candidate Party Votes Elected
AIREY, James The Conservative Party Candidate 234 Yes
GILL, Roy The Labour Party Candidate 194 No
PICKTHALL, Colin The Labour Party Candidate 176 No
RAJAN, Bharath Sundara The Labour Party Candidate 162 No
RICE, Jack The Conservative Party Candidate 238 Yes
WATSON, Tom The Conservative Party Candidate 235 Yes

East Ward of Ulverston

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,604

Candidate Description Votes Elected
EARNSHAW, Cynthia The Conservative Party Candidate 168 No
HORNBY, Mark The Conservative Party Candidate 171 No
HORNBY, Peter The Conservative Party Candidate 196 No
LISTER, Phil The Labour Party Candidate 240 Yes
MARR, Brenda Maureen The Labour Party Candidate 225 Yes
WRIGHT, Dawn Margaret The Labour Party Candidate 207 Yes

North Ward of Ulverston

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,499

Candidate Description Votes Elected
CASSON, Joan Margaret The Labour Party Candidate 296 No
HANCOCK, Jan The Conservative Party Candidate 365 Yes
HODGSON, Colin The Conservative Party Candidate 455 Yes
HORNBY, Margaret The Conservative Party Candidate 412 Yes

South Ward of Ulverston

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,499

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BISHOP-ROWE, Norman The Conservative Party Candidate 457 Yes
DONNING, Graham Joseph The Labour Party Candidate 170 No
RIGG, Amanda The Conservative Party Candidate 388 Yes
WILKINSON, Brian The Conservative Party Candidate 399 Yes

Town Ward of Ulverston 

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,453

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BENJAMIN, Keith The Labour Party Candidate 197 No
IRVING, Helen The Conservative Party Candidate 218 Yes
JONES, Allan The Conservative Party Candidate 198 No
PICKTHALL, Judith Ann The Labour Party Candidate 206 Yes
SAMSON, Jamie The Conservative Party Candidate 203 No
WILLIAMS, Colin The Labour Party Candidate 212 Yes

West Ward of Ulverston

Seats: 3 Electorate: 1,552

Candidate Description Votes Elected
HUNT, Charles Ian The Labour Party Candidate 174 No
JENKINSON, Janette The Conservative Party Candidate 485 Yes
JONES, Pat The Conservative Party Candidate 403 Yes
PROSSER, James Watterson The Conservative Party Candidate 366 Yes
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