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Parish councils

Find which parish in South Lakeland you live in

Parish and town clerks in the South Lakeland area (PDF/147.274KB/9 pages)

Parish and town councillors are elected at scheduled elections for a four year term. During this time, some parish and town councillors may resign and others may be co-opted to fill the vacancy if no by-election is called. Parish clerks can provide information on their current councillors.

Cumbria Association of Local Councils has further information on parish councils or contact the relevant parish or town clerk for information about a particular parish.

Declaration of Interests by parish councillors

A Member must register their disclosable monetary interests, along with any other registrable interests as determined by their parish/town council, with our Monitoring Officer.

Declaration of Interest form for parish and town councillors (PDF/92KB/8 pages)

Note: For clarity, part 4 requires the councillors home address as well as details of any other land or premises in which they have a financial interest.

Addendum gifts and hospitality (PDF/66KB/1 page) to be used when a parish and town councillor who has already completed their Declaration of Interest form wishes to declare a new offer.

Addendum other registrable interests (PDF/73KB/2 pages) to be used to disclose changes to "other registrable interests", for example, appointments to outside bodies.

Note:  Using an addendum form means that a parish and town councillor does not need to complete a whole new Declaration of Interests form, unless the change is to do with their "registrable pecuniary interests" (i.e. the first part of the form which covers the legal requirement to disclose), in which case they will need to complete a whole new form.

Government guidance on openness and transparency (PDF/63.4KB/11 pages) provides basic practical information on transparency with respect to personal interests.

The formal Register of Parish Councillors’ Interests is available for inspection by the public at South Lakeland House, Kendal, during normal office opening hours.

Notifications by members of parish and town councils of pecuniary and other registrable interests

Temporary appointments to parish and town councils

Council approved the procedure for making temporary appointments to parish and town councils on 18 May 2016. This procedure allows South Lakeland District Council to make an Order appoint persons to Town or Parish Councils in accordance with section 91 of the Local Government Act 1972.

  1. The Parish Clerk advises the Council that the town or parish council in unable to operate due to being inquorate.
  2. Elections verifies the number of seats on the town or parish council and that it is inquorate. They also identify the number of appointments required for it to become quorate.
  3. All district ward members, together with the county councillor for the area in which the parish is located will be offered the temporary appointment of parish councillor until such a time as the vacancies are filled by election.
  4. For towns or parishes falling into two different district wards the district ward members applicable to the town or parish ward(s) where the vacancies have arisen will be approached.
  5. Where the relevant ward members are unable to be appointed and the town or parish council remains inquorate the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Leader will consider the way forward which may involve adjacent district ward members.
  6. All appointments must be made by Order under Section 91(1) of the Local Government Act 1972.
  7. A report detailing the action taken will be submitted to the next Council meeting.
  8. In accordance with Section 91(3) of the Local Government Act 1972 the Chief Executive will forward two copies of the Order to the Secretary of State. A copy for information will also be sent to the Clerk of the Parish Council.
  9. The Order will stipulate the names of the appointment persons and the latest date their appointment will expire.


If you feel that a parish or town councillor has breached the parish and town councillors’ code of conduct, you can make a complaint to Standards Committee.

Parish Remuneration Panel

The South Lakeland Parish Remuneration Panel is an independent panel that currently consists of four members of the public and makes recommendations on remuneration for parish and town councillors.

Parish Remuneration Panel recommendations for 2018 to 2019