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Making an application

Planning application forms

The government has created a set of planning application forms known as '1APP' that can be submitted to any local planning authority within the country. 

Please make sure that you have checked our comprehensive validation check sheets below when submitting your application. If you do not send all the information we need then your application will be deemed invalid.

The different types of forms are laid out in the table below:

Householder: extensions and alterations (PDF/226KB/6 pages) Validation checklist for householder (PDF/60.8KB/2 pages) Application for full Planning Permission (PDF/579KB/10 pages) Listed Building Consent (PDF/268KB/7 pages)
  Advertisement Consent (PDF/200KB/4 pages) Outline Planning Permission (PDF/585KB/8 pages)
Approval of details reserved by Condition (PDF/170KB/3 pages) (Discharge) Non material Amendment (PDF/179KB/4 pages) Reserved Matters (PDF/179KB/ 4 pages) (following Outline Permission)
Variation or removal of a Condition (PDF/184KB/4 pages)
  Modification of S 106 Planning Obligation (PDF/58KB/3 pages)
Certificate of Lawful Development (PDF/202KB/4 pages)  (Proposed) Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development (PDF/325KB/5 pages) (Existing) Prior Notification (PDF/171KB/3 pages) (Telecom)
Prior Notification (PDF/174KB/3 pages) (Demolition) Prior Notification (PDF/194KB/3 pages) (Agriculture) Prior Notification (PDF/182KB/3 pages) (Agriculture - Proposed Road)
Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (PDF/214KB/4 pages) (TPO) / Notification of Proposed Works to trees in a Conservation Area Hedgerow Removal Notice (PDF/175KB/3 pages) High Hedge Complaint form (PDF/47KB/7 pages)
NEW TEMPORARY APPLICATION (expires 30 May 2019) Notification of larger rear domestic extension (PDF/457KB/3 pages) and Guidance notes (PDF/52KB/2 pages) NEW TEMPORARY APPLICATION Notification of Proposed Change of Use to Dwelling or Dwellings (PDF/45KB/3 pages) Stopping up of Highways (PDF/213KB/12 pages)

Online applications

We work in partnership with the Planning Portal to provide an online application service. An application can be made online using the Online Planning Services.

Validation checklist for applications

The following documents will help you check whether your planning application is valid:

Validation checklist (PDF/605KB/48 pages)

What information do I need to provide with my application?

In support of the 1APP forms the government has introduced new information requirements for the registration and validation of planning applications. This is in the form of:

  • a national statutory list which applies in all cases
  • a local validation (requirements) checklist that has been defined by the local planning authority and varies according to the type of application and the scale of development proposed

Details can be found in our Validation checklist (PDF/605KB/48 pages) 

We try to validate all applications within five working days.

Invalid applications

If an application is invalid a letter is sent to the applicant or agent which sets out the additional information required.  

Additional information

Guidance on the additional information that may be required to supplement a planning application including appraisals, assessments, statements and surveys.

Certificate of Ownership

Each planning application must include a completed certificate of ownership. You may apply for planning permission on land or property that you do not own,  but you must complete Certificate B or C and serve notice on the current owner/s.

In relation to land ownership - Certificates A, B, C and D.

Article 6 - A, B, C and D(PDF/711KB/2 pages)

Notice under Article 6 Application for Planning Permission:

To be served on individuals if Certificate B or C is completed.

Notice under Article 6 (PDF/59KB/2 pages)

Address for postal applications

Development Management
South Lakeland District Council
South Lakeland House
Lowther Street