Burton-in-Kendal Partnership Scheme in Conservation Areas (PSiCA)

Last Updated: 24 August 2020

A number of properties in Burton-in-Kendal are showing signs of deterioration including physical decay and loss of important architectural detail. We alerted Historic England to the early warning signs and the Burton-in-Kendal Conservation Area has since been included in Historic England's 'Heritage at Risk' Register.

The Burton-in-Kendal Partnership Scheme in Conservation Areas (PSiCA) is a three year programme of improvements which aims to see the Burton-in-Kendal Conservation Area removed from the Risk Register by 2022. The proposed scheme will be funded principally by Historic England, South Lakeland District Council, with important support from Burton-in-Kendal Parish Council.

Main programme

The main three year programme from April 2019 to 2022 is planned to include:

  • a public realm improvement scheme in 'The Square'
  • grant aiding the repair of a target group of thirteen listed or historic properties
  • the preparation of a Village Design Statement (prepared as planning guidance) to help ensure the design and quality of new development enhances the character of the Conservation Area and Burton-in-Kendal as a whole)

Other elements will include:

  • producing a homeowner's property repair and maintenance guide for traditional buildings
  • providing community advice workshops on the repair of traditional buildings and sustainable building technology

Initial works in 2018

Before the main programme can begin in 2019, Crosby Grange Architects (based in Kendal) were commissioned to help the partners prepare a detailed Delivery Plan, which Historic England approved in February 2019. This plan identifies:

  • costed schedules of repairs to the targeted properties that will be eligible for grant aid. We will be contacting these property owners in advance
  • a design for a public realm improvement scheme for 'The Square', including community consultation. Again, owners and occupiers of properties around the Square will be contacted in advance
  • preparing a Village Design Statement, including a community design workshop in April or May 2019

Getting involved

Community consultations on emerging designs for the public realm scheme in the Square and the Village Design Statement will be advertised widely in advance; as will the times and venues of the Community Advice Workshops on built heritage and repair of traditional buildings.