Event booking

How events on our land are affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19), how to apply to hold an event and conditions of hire.

Events on SLDC land during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Following the recent guidance from the Government and its Public Health experts regarding the Covid-19 virus, we have reluctantly decided not to permit events on our land until further notice:

  • no applications for events to take place on our land will be accepted or approved
  • our position will be reviewed on a monthly basis in line with new government guidance
  • updates will be available on this webpage

The government guidance says Local authorities should avoid issuing licenses for events that could lead to larger gatherings forming and provide advice to businesses on how to manage events of this type. If appropriate, the government has powers under schedule 22 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 to close venues hosting large gatherings or prohibit certain events (or types of event) from taking place.

The type of events include travelling fairs, concerts, fetes, shows, organised gatherings (this is not exclusive) where gatherings of more than 30 people may occur.


  • health, safety and wellbeing of workers, volunteers and visitors - although these types of events would take place outside, social distancing restrictions indicate little likelihood of any event being able to proceed as normal, therefore, with public health & safety our number one priority, these types of organised gatherings on Council owned land will not be permitted at the current time
  • to minimise the spread of Covid-19 infection amongst the community
  • effects on local communities and the potential to cause local spikes in infection that could lead to local lockdowns
  • additional strain on local authority services such as street cleansing and waste collections
  • as we are not planning the event(s), we are therefore unable to absolutely guarantee that all activities and measures put in place will comply with Covid-19 secure guidance, and therefore we are not willing to put the public at risk

Apply to hold an event

To hold an event on one of our parks or open spaces read the conditions of hire listed below and complete the event enquiry form (DOC 148KB / 4 pages).

Please return the form well in advance of the date of your event to allow us to process your application, even if you have not finalised all the details of your event. For any event enquiries, please contact the Parks and Open Spaces team.

To hold an event on our land you will need a hold a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance and have undertaken the relevant risk assessments and provide these documents to us. We may also require a site plan and an event management plan.

For commercial events there will be a charge for use of the land. 

If you are planning to have licensable activity at the event you may need to apply for a temporary event notice (TEN).

Cumbria County Council's Single Point of Contact may need to be contacted for events, particularly if your event includes use of the public highway or if other agencies such as the emergency services need to be involved.

Conditions of hire

Check the conditions below before making an application:

  • the applicant will indemnify us against the cost of making good any loss of, or damage to, (including fire) the premises (real or personal) arising out of the hirer’s activities
  • the applicant will indemnify us, our officers, servants and agents against all actions, costs or claims arising out of any accidents which may occur on the said premises arising out of the hirer activities
  • the applicant or applicant’s agents must be over 18 years of age
  • lettings will only be allowed where no reasonable conflict with other established local businesses exists
  • all display hoardings/materials and vehicles connected with the letting shall remain within the designated areas
  • no selling shall take place outside of the designated areas
  • no hawking or touting shall take place on or near the site
  • no pressurised sales techniques shall be employed by the hirer
  • any music played on site will be the responsibility of the hirer to inform the Performing Rights Society
  • where collections of money are to take place the necessary licence shall be produced for inspection by our officers and this will in any event only be allowed for registered charitable organisations
  • sub-letting of the booked site shall not be allowed
  • the hirer will allow our officers access to the site as is reasonably requested
  • all charge made by us for hire of the land shall be paid in advance
  • proof of Public Liability Insurance cover must be provided with stated maximum payout of not less than £5,000,000
  • all lettings shall be subject to any byelaws and deeds relating to the site and its environs
  • the applicant shall ensure that during the period of the letting no nuisance by noise, dust, etc. or other source shall be caused to residents and third parties. To this end the applicant shall be responsible for consulting the Environmental Protection Group prior to the event and applying any recommendations made to the applicant
  • the applicant shall ensure that the facilities indicated on the booking application are not exceeded during the event itself. If additional facilities are in evidence at any time which we had not been made aware of then we reserve the right to terminate the event forthwith, require the organisers to vacate the site immediately and no compensation or refund shall be payable
  • the applicant shall be responsible for ensuring the site is left in a clean and tidy condition to our satisfaction. Any costs incurred by us in making the site tidy after the event e.g. litter collection, reinstating damaged ground/turf shall be met by the applicant on receipt of an invoice
  • we should be allowed to add any further terms and/or conditions appropriate to the particular letting at the time