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What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing is property that is bought or rented at below the market price. It is for people who live and work in the local area.

The demand for homes and second homes has pushed the prices up. The wages in this area do not match the high price of property and land.

We work with developers and housing associations to provide affordable homes to help people to stay in the area.

Who is eligible

 To apply you should either:

  • be local, and have lived in the area for at least three years
  • be working in the area and have a permanent position over 16 hours

You should not be able to afford to buy or rent on the open market.

How it works

There are rules which allow us to provide affordable homes for local people. These are:

  • the local occupancy clause which says the person buying or renting must have a local connection
  • the housing need clause which says that the person must be approved by us as being in housing need

How we assess housing need

We assess your application by looking at your income, and other funds such as savings.

Then we compare your figures to a table of property prices to decide if you can afford to buy or rent on the open market. If you cannot you would qualify as being in housing need.