Affordable housing: renting

Consultation on 'Cumbria Choice Draft Allocations Policy'

We are reviewing the Cumbria Choice Housing Allocation Policy, which is about the way the social housing homes available in Cumbria are allocated. This is an extensive revision of the policy with quite a number of changes.

We want to know what you think. We welcome your comments and views. The consultation closes on the 6 July 2020.

Give us your views

How to respond to the consultation:

  1. Cumbria Choice Allocations Policy (2020 Policy Review) Consultation Draft (PDF 1.7MB / 82 pages). Is the policy we are updating and want your comments on
  2. Cumbria Choice Based Lettings Allocations Policy Review Consultation document (PDF 547KB / 21 pages). Tells you what you need to do to respond and how to give us your comments on the proposed changes to the policy.
  3. Please put any comments on the proposed changes in the ‘comments’ column of the table on pages 8 to 21 of the'Cumbria Choice Based Lettings Allocations Policy Review Consultation' document. Return it, by 6 July 2020, to

Social rented housing

These are homes let by housing associations at a much lower rent than private landlords.

There are around 4,600 rented homes in South Lakeland but only a few hundred vacancies each year.

Affordable rented housing

These are homes that are rented at a higher level than social rents but no more than 80% of local market rents. Also known as intermediate rents, they are managed by housing associations.

To apply for either social rented housing or affordable rented housing, you will need to register with Cumbria Choice. This can be done directly with them or by contacting your local housing association.

For more specialist housing please see the table below.

Contacts for housing associations

Please find a list of housing associations below including organisations which specialise in housing for older people and housing for people with supported needs in South Lakeland.

Housing Association contact details
Housing Associations Contact details General enquiries Housing for older people Housing for people with supported needs
South Lakes Housing 0300 303 8540 Yes Yes N/A
Castles and Coasts Housing Association 0800 085 1171 Yes N/A N/A
Impact Housing 03448 736 290 Yes Yes N/A
Home Group 0345 141 4663 Yes N/A N/A
Eden Housing Association 01768 861 400 Yes N/A N/A
Abbeyfield Societies 01727 857 536 N/A Yes N/A
Nine Oaks Housing Trust 015394 444 36 N/A Yes N/A
Kendal Almhouse Charity 01539 739 590 N/A Yes N/A
Johnnie Johnson Housing Association 0345 305 5335 N/A Yes N/A
Plumtree Housing Association 015395 626 61 N/A Yes N/A
Lake District Housing Association 015394 430 16 N/A Yes N/A
Gatesbield Quaker Housing Association 015394 455 78 N/A Yes N/A
The Almhouse Association 01344 452 922 N/A Yes N/A
Anchor (Cumbria) 0808 252 3038 N/A Yes N/A
Mayor of Kendal's Homes 01539 724 742 N/A Yes N/A
Fairoak Housing Association 01539 720 082 N/A N/A Yes
Leonard Cheshire Disability 01539 739 478 N/A N/A Yes
New Foundations 01706 835 333 N/A N/A Yes