House to house collections

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

House to house collections    

We issue house to house collection licences under the House to House Collections Act 1939.

This applies to anyone planning to hold a house-to-house collection to collect money or other property for charitable or other purposes in South Lakeland.

How to Apply

Anyone acting as a promoter, and who may cause others to act as collectors, should apply for a licence by completing an application for house to house collection (DOC 263 KB / 4 pages). 

With your application, you must give details of the charity you're collecting for and, where possible, the charity's most recent accounts.

Forms should be returned to the licensing group.      

Additional information

The licence will be granted by us unless a Home Office exemption is in force.

We can impose conditions to prevent such collections from becoming a nuisance to the public and to ensure that collectors act fairly in their dealings with the public.

There's no charge for your house to house collections licence. However, your licence will be issued with a Certificate for the Information of Stationery Office application form (to be completed by the promoter) to apply for the prescribed badges for the number of collectors stated in your application form; please send this form together with the appropriate fee to: The Stationery Office, Post Cash Department, PO Box 29, Norwich NR3 1GN 

Current charges for badges are as follows:

60p each (plus VAT 72p)/ £16.02 for 20 / £54.90 for 100 (plus P&P £3.75 + VAT, total £4.50 to date) 

You should allow enough time for us to consult on, process and issue the licence. Any applications received less than 28 days before the proposed first date of the collection may not be processed in time and, in these cases, the collection won't be authorised.

Your house to house collections licence will also be issued with an Account of Expenses, Proceeds and Application of Proceeds of Collection of Money form to be completed and returned to the Council within one month of the collection being held, detailing the amount collected, and any expenses incurred. Where there is an issue or more information is needed, the permit holder will be contacted within five working days.

Direct debit collections

House to House direct debit collections are outside of the House to House Collections Act 1939. Therefore, do not require a permit.

Contact Cumbria Constabulary when you anticipate being in a particular area and let the relevant neighbourhood policing team know the details of your activities and to respect Neighbourhood Watch 'No Cold Calling' areas. These are often the domain of elderly residents who are easily alarmed by 'persuasive' practitioners of direct debit door knockers.

Cumbria Trading Standards will be able to advise you regarding any relevant 'No Cold Calling' zones situated within our district.