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House to house collections

You must get a licence from us to do 'house to house' collections for charitable purposes.

A permit can be granted for up to a year.

How to apply

To apply please fill in a house to house application form (PDF/15 KB/1 page) and return it to the licensing group.

The promoter of the collection has to make a return following the collection.

You can also view the house to house conditions (PDF/16 KB/1 page)

Exemptions for charities

Some larger, well known charities have a Charity Commission exemption and do not need a permit.

Most local groups need a permit to collect money or articles to sell later.

Reasons for refusing a collection

One reason for refusal would be where the amount likely to be collected for charitable purposes is less than the amount claimed for expenses.

There is no statutory guidance on what is a reasonable amount for expenses.


You can appeal against a refusal.The right of appeal is to the secretary of state. The grounds for refusal are set out in the act.