House to house collections

Last Updated: 18 May 2023

You will be required to apply for a house to house collection licence if you want to collect money or goods (that you plan to sell at a later date) from peoples homes for charitable purposes.

A licence can be granted for up to a year.

Some larger, well known charities have a Charity Commission exemption and do not need a licence.

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How to apply

There is no fee for the house to house licence application.

To apply please fill in and return the house to house application form (DOC 259KB / 2 pages).

The promoter of the collection has to make a return following the collection.

All collections must be carried out in accordance with the house to house collections regulations 1947.

Reasons for refusing a collection

One reason for refusal would be where the amount likely to be collected for charitable purposes is less than the amount claimed for expenses.

There is no statutory guidance on what is a reasonable amount for expenses.

You can appeal against a refusal. The right of appeal is to the secretary of state. The grounds for refusal are set out in the House to House Collections Act 1939.