Licensing Act 2003 guidance on the submission of plans

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

When you apply for a premises licence or club premises certificate you should follow the guidelines set out below:

  1. The plan of the premises which, in accordance with paragraph 23 of the Licensing Act 2003 (premises licences and club premises certificates) Regulations 2005, must accompany the application and shall comply with the remaining paragraphs of this article.
  2. Unless the relevant licensing authority has previously agreed in writing with the applicant following request by the applicant that an alternative scale plan is acceptable to it, in which case the plan shall be drawn to that alternative scale, the plan shall be drawn in standard scale of 1 millimetre x 100 millimetres.
  3. The plan shall show:
    • the extent of the boundary of the building, if relevant, and any external and internal walls of the building and, if different, the perimeter of the premises
    • the location of points of access to enter and exit the premises
    • if different from the point above, the location of escape routes from the premises will be required
    • in a case where the premises is used for more than one existing licensable activity, the area within the premises used for each activity; (see 5 below)
    • fixed structures (including furniture) or similar objects temporarily in a fixed location (but not furniture) which may impact on the ability of individuals on the premises to use exits or escape routes without impediment;
    • in a case where the premises includes a stage or raised area, the location and height of each stage or area relative to the floor;
    • in a case where the premises includes any steps, stairs, elevators or lifts, the location of the steps, stairs, elevators or lifts
    • in a case where the premises includes any room or rooms containing public conveniences, the location of the room or rooms
    • the location and type of any fire safety and any other safety equipment; and
    • the location of a kitchen, if any, on the premises
  4. The plan may include a legend through which the matters mentioned or referred to in paragraph 3) are sufficiently illustrated by the use of symbols on the plan.
  5. To maintain consistency, could applicants please use the following colour code when identifying licensable areas on their plan and include a legend to that effect:
    • Red: consumption of alcohol
    • Green: regulated entertainment (if different from above)
    • Blue: late night refreshment (if different from above)
    • Brown: cinema and theatre