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Cockling in Morecambe Bay

Leven Cockle Fishery

Last opened on Monday 4 April 2016.

Levens Sands fishery restrictions allow removal of adult cockle while protecting spat and other habitats including saltmarsh.

Byelaw 3 permits are required. They need to be renewed in the year you want to fish. For closures and permit enquiries contact North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority.

The Fishery closed on 30 April 2016.


Along with North West Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NW-IFCA) we have carried out sampling for Classification in the area as per the Recommended Monitoring Points issued by Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS).

The Leven Cockle Fishery is within the monitoring area known as Central East. CEFAS have given the area a Classification of B.

CEFAS England and Wales: classification and monitoring 

Live Shellfish registration documents

There is a legal requirement for each batch/consignment of shellfish being removed from a designated area to be accompanied by a registration document. As we are the enforcement authority for the Leven cockle fishery, you must contact our Public Protection team for registration/movement documents.

Information about species, location of production area and destination and treatment of the shellfish will be required prior to the issuing of documents. If you are not gathering from one of our production areas you should contact the local authority who cover that area and they will issue you with the relevant documents.

Documents are issued in duplicate and must be completed by the person responsible for the removal of the shellfish from the bed.

One copy must be sent with the batch of cockles to the re-laying area, purification, or heat treatment premises and the other retained for 12 months.

Our officers have the authority to inspect registration documents held by harvesters in order to ensure that they are being completed and used correctly. They will make visits to worked shellfish production access areas in order to check documents, they may also ask to see previously completed documents to verify that they are being filled in and used correctly. 

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