Contaminated land

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Contaminated land is where substances could cause:

  • significant harm to people or protected species
  • significant pollution of surface waters or groundwater

When land has become contaminated there can be serious consequences for people's health and the environment, even many years later.

Our responsibility

The best way of cleaning up land which is contaminated is through the planning system when property or land is developed.

We have to identify contaminated land in our district.

We will seek the appropriate people to clean up the land and make sure it is suitable for its present use.

Details are contained in our:

If you would like a copy of our 'Guide for Developers' leaflet, please contact us.

Your responsibility

If there is historical evidence, or a study shows contamination maybe present on land you own, you are likely to be required to do:

  • research
  • investigations
  • clean up or protective works if necessary to make the land suitable for a particular development or use. There are companies who are trained to do this type of work. We recommend you contact one for advice to ensure work is of the required standard

More information

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