Locally Important Projects

Last Updated: 18 November 2022

Locally Important Projects are funded by the New Homes Bonus.

Under the New Homes Bonus the Government matches the Council Tax raised from new homes and properties brought back into use, with another £350 for each affordable home.

We are using these funds to address the needs of local communities by dividing the funds into two areas:

  • 40% for Locally Important Projects
  • 60% for Housing and Neighbourhood Planning

The Locally Important Projects funding is further divided into two schemes:

  • Member Locality Budgets Scheme: £1,000 for each SLDC Councillor for use for projects in their ward areas. Details are given in the councillors' spending overview
  • Locally Important Projects

Apply for Locally Important Projects funding 

The Locally Important Projects (LIPs) fund is currently closed, we will update this page when funding is available.

Eligible Projects 

The project being delivered must be situated in South Lakeland and be open and available to the public.

Funding is for capital costs ie fixed one off expenses, not running costs.

The funding can be used to support the delivery of infrastructure, for example paths, village/town hall improvements, playground improvements etc.

Examples of previous successfully funded projects are listed below. 

Organisations that are eligible to apply for funding for a Locally Important Project are:

  • Parish/Town Councils
  • Community Organisations
  • Charities

Bids for funding need to show that they:

  • produce good value for money
  • show that they are feasible and sustainable
  • have secured match funding (ideally)
  • have the necessary supporting evidence and documents (organisations annual accounts, insurance etc)
  • have considered equality and accessibility issues
  • have a plan to evaluate outcomes of the project

Previous Locally Important Projects

Follow the links below to view a map for each round of Locally Important Projects funding. Select the points on the map to view details of the projects.

First round of Locally Important Projects funding (2013)

Second round of Locally Important Projects funding (2014)

Third round of Locally Important Projects funding (2015)

Fourth round Locally Important Projects funding (2016)

Fifth round of Locally Important Projects funding (2017)