Grant funding for organisations

Last Updated: 21 January 2022

If you are looking for funding to support a business, community project or cultural organisation then we offer some funding opportunities and can also offer guidance and advice.

Below you will find a range of sources of funding from ourselves and other local and national organisations too. 

If you are starting a local project it's a good idea to talk to your local councillors also for any support they can provide. Find your local councillors.

Locally Important Projects

Locally Important Projects (LIPs) are projects we fund that meet local community needs.

The funding can be used to support the delivery of infrastructure, for example paths, village/town hall restoration and improvements, playground improvements etc.

The Locally Important Projects (LIPs) fund is now closed, we will update this page when funding is available.

Changing Places

Groups can apply for funding to help improve changing facilities for people with disabilities and additional needs. This can support feasibility studies or initial costs for the installation of facilities in line with the standards recommended by Changing Places.

The Changing Places fund is now closed, we will update this page when funding is available.

Business support

Finance finder for businesses

Grant funding guidance

Funding advice and support can be found at Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service (CVS).

External grant funding for organisations

Latest external opportunities

  • Tesco Community Grants for charities and community organisations to bid for up to £1,500. Currently looking for applications from those delivering projects that help to tackle food insecurity
  • The Lake District Foundation is offering grants totalling £1 million to community groups and small to medium sized businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Applicants will need to operate or have an impact within the Lake District National Park and can be awarded up to 60% of the project costs, up to a maximum of £20,000. Projects will need to be completed by March 2023
  • The Electricity North West Powering our Communities fund provides seed funding to support the development of community and local energy in our region. Between £1,000 and £15,000 is available for projects that support community and local energy groups to grow and address the barriers the sector is facing, enabling them to take action to meet net-zero. The funding can be used to support a wide range of activities including producing materials to promote initiatives, supporting staff time or technical expertise, buying equipment or researching a new approach / business model. New round of funding due to be launched in September: Powering our Communities Fund Launch Tickets 17 September at 10am
  • CAfS Community Climate Grants have launched a £100,000 funding pot to support local initiatives to raise awareness of climate change and reduce carbon emissions. The funding will contribute to the work of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership over a five year period