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Public participation schemes

Public participation schemes

In order to make the decision making process more transparent and enable the public to become more involved, the Council's Constitution includes Public Participation Schemes. These schemes allow the public to attend most meetings of the Council to ask questions, make comments or present deputations or petitions.

The following publications, hard copies of which are available on request, outline the individual schemes and provide details on how to apply to speak at the relevant meetings:

General public participation scheme (PDF/1.97MB/8 pages)

Planning committee public participation scheme (PDF/509KB/8 pages)

Licensing sub-committees public participation scheme (PDF/174KB/4 pages)

Overview and scrutiny committee public participation scheme (PDF/122KB/4 pages)

Filming at meetings

Information on the use of mobile phones, social media, filming and recording at meetings can be found within part 4 (rules of procedure) of the council's constitution.

Petitions scheme

Legislation came into force on 15 June 2010 which enables the public to draw attention to local issues through the use of petitions. The aim behind this legislation is to promote the involvement of communities in the democratic process, with the chance to hold decision-makers to account.

Information on the council's petitions scheme, including how to submit a petition, can be found from the link below: