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Council Plan

The Council Plan sets out our vision and strategy to improve prosperity, ensuring a positive benefit for every part of our community. We have three key priorities that will help us to achieve the council plan vision. We measure our performance in relation to achieving each of our key priorities.

Our vision and values

Our vision is: “Working together to make South Lakeland the best place to live, work and explore”.

To achieve this we will:

  • create an environment for people to thrive
  • deliver excellent, value for money, services
  • play a leadership role and influence others
  • empower customers and communities
  • be a forward thinking, innovative, council

Our Council Plan is influenced by our key three values:

  • empowering people: By listening to our customers and our employees, their ideas and comments will help us make improvements to customer service and workforce development
  • excellence: Seeking continuous improvement in what we do, ensuring that our actions address the needs of South Lakeland
  • open and transparent: Being courteous, efficient and transparent in our dealings with the public

We will achieve our aims by:

  • working across boundaries, with a range of other local authorities, organisations and businesses
  • creating balanced communities, where there is a good  mix of housing types, including social housing and a good mix of residents to reduce division between different types of people
  • reducing inequalities, so no one is left behind or seriously disadvantaged
  • encouraging a sustainable environment

Our three key priorities

Housing and communities

Working across boundaries, we will meet the needs of the communities by:

  • preparing a new Local Plan and supporting plans in the National Parks
  • intervening to deliver major sites and critical infrastructure and remove barriers to delivery
  • supporting delivery in neighbouring authorities
  • attracting new delivery partners

Creating balanced communities, we will deliver affordable homes to meet needs with:

  • new affordable homes to rent
  • new elderly care provision
  • a  range of housing to attract and retain young people
  • new delivery models including a Loans scheme
  • support for Community Housing and self-build

Reducing inequalities, we will improve existing housing and reduce homelessness through:

  • homelessness prevention and support for vulnerable people
  • working with landlords to improve standards
  • working to reduce the number of second homes
  • bringing empty homes back into use
  • maximising access to Disabled Facilities Grants

Encouraging a sustainable environment and inclusive economy, we will build resilience by:

  • ensuring that new development is sustainable, energy efficient and flood resilient
  • working with partners to develop energy saving and energy efficiency initiatives
  • providing energy advice and additional support to households at risk of falling into fuel poverty

Economy and culture

Working across boundaries, we will work with our partners to deliver regional growth by:

  • working across Morecambe Bay and the North West to secure inward investment
  • attracting external funding and delivering critical infrastructure
  • participating in the Northern Powerhouse and contributing to the preparation and implementation of the Local Industrial Strategy
  • promoting unique selling points such as marine and cultural and creative industries

Creating balanced communities, we will create opportunities for young people by:

  • unlocking development sites and enabling local businesses to grow
  • understanding the needs of local businesses
  • encouraging graduate retention
  • using culture and built heritage to support our unique offer

Reducing inequalities, we will deliver inclusive growth so everyone can achieve their potential by:

  • supporting people to adapt to changes in technology
  • encouraging links between further and higher education, apprentices and businesses
  • providing support, advice and affordable premises for new business start-ups
  • protecting the vulnerable and mitigating the effects of poverty

Encouraging a sustainable environment and inclusive economy, we will grow a green economy:

  • developing town centres which are attractive and accessible for living, working, culture and leisure
  • ensuring that business areas are protected from flooding
  • promoting environmental technologies and the green economy
  • working with local communities to improve, manage and promote accessible public realm
  • making the best use of our parks, open spaces and lakes

Health and environment

Working across boundaries, we will improve wellbeing by:

  • strengthening relationships with public health providers and partners and achieve joined up outcomes addressing the key determinants of health and wellbeing
  • implementing the Cumbria Public Health Strategy
  • implementing the Healthy Weight declaration

Creating balanced communities, we will improve quality of life by:

  • supporting young people to have a greater voice
  • using our distinctive environment to create opportunities for all
  • working with communities to reduce isolation and loneliness
  • improving access to citizen driven technology
  • helping people to be independent

Reducing inequalities, we will reduce disadvantages by:

  • working with partners to reduce domestic violence, alcohol related crime, substance misuse, child sexual exploitation and antisocial behaviour
  • commissioning services through the third sector
  • improving air quality and reducing pollution
  • working with partners to widen access to low cost energy

Encouraging a sustainable environment and inclusive economy, we will be ready for the challenge of climate change:

  • phasing out single use plastics
  • minimising our carbon footprint
  • encouraging cycling and walking
  • work with partners to prepare for major flood incidents

Performance in achieving our Key Priorities

To see what progress we are making towards each of our three key priorities we have set, and regularly monitor, our performance measures.

You can organise the performance measure table so that the measures are grouped by council plan priority. Just click on the council plan priority header of the table.

Performance Management Framework

The Performance Management Framework is about the delivery of our goals. Performance means more than just back office systems, processes, plans and indicators.

Effective performance management is being clear about our purpose. It has a strong emphasis on achieving outcomes. It has robust and effective planning systems, which ensure the allocation of resources follow service demands. Our work is monitored against clear targets and acted upon.

Performance Management Framework (PDF 407KB / 17 pages)

Risk Management Process

The Risk Management Process outlines how we are managing risks and opportunities.

This process will enable us to identify risks, assess them, identify how we can control them and allocate responsibility to officers.

Risk Management Process (PDF 133KB / 6 pages)

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