Street naming and numbering

Last Updated: 14 December 2021

The allocation of property numbers or names and street names to form an address is very important in order to be able to locate properties. Please do not allocate your own house number, or name.

Postal addresses cannot be allocated to certain properties such as agricultural barns, boathouses and holiday lodges.

This address information is used by organisations including:

  • emergency services
  • utility service connections
  • Royal Mail and various delivery companies eg Sat Nav systems
  • local councils: council tax, refuse collection, electoral services
  • insurance companies, banks, DVLA etc
  • Office for National Statistics

Use 'find my address' to check that your address is registered on the National Address Gazetteer (NAG). If it is not shown there please email our street naming and numbering team and we can look into this. Our contact details are listed below.

How street naming and numbering is created

It’s important to start early as the process is complex and involves many other parties and organisations. This is the procedure we follow:

  1. receive a valid application: perform multiple geospacial queries and consultation on feasibility
  2. check National Standards BS7666, accompanying Data Entry Convention and best practice are adhered to
  3. once name agreed Royal Mail are contacted to allocate post town and post code
  4. agree with developer the siting of any street name plates
  5. Geoplace co-ordinate, validate and collate the data as it comes in, and pass it on to Ordnance Survey to make it available through their AddressBase range of products

How to apply

Before you start the form below you will need:

Street naming and property numbering application form (PDF 37KB / 1 page)


Once an application is submitted we will send you a confirmation email with a reference number and payment details.

We will not be able to accept payments without a reference number. This will start with SNN followed by four numbers.

Services Fee (inc. vat)
Renaming/numbering one property £114
Additional properties in the same development and application £12 (per property)

We have a statutory duty to provide every property in their area with an individual, authoritative address name roads and allocate house numbers, or names to new property. This function is carried out under the provisions of the Public Health Act 1925 sections 17 to 19.

Our statutory duties are stated in the street naming legislation adopted minutes 1979 (PDF 977KB / 1 page).

Street naming and numbering policy consultation

Closes 7 February 2022.

Take part in our street naming and numbering policy consultation.

We are consulting on a new ‘Street Naming and Numbering Guidance and Policy’. It will help the public, Parish Councils and property developers address properties using the principles of good addressing.

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