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Street naming and numbering

Apply for a street name or property number

Download, complete and return: Street naming and property numbering application form (PDF 37KB / 1 page)


 Services  Fee (inc.vat)
 Renaming/numbering one property  £114
 Additional properties in the same development and application  £12 (per property
 Confirmation of property address  £28

Payments can be made by debit/credit card (phone 01539 793 331), or by cheque made out to South Lakeland District Council.

Name a numbered house

  • if a property is already numbered you can name your property and contact us
  • if the new name does not conflict with an existing property name in the area, we will approve it
  • the property number must still be displayed and referred to in any correspondence.

For example:

'My House' (not part of official address)
1 My Road (official address)

Name or rename an unnumbered house

In the case of addresses where there is no number allocated, the allocated name forms part of the official address.

If you want to change the property name please download and complete the street naming and property numbering application form (PDF 37KB / 1 page)


If you are a developer of a new property (single or small development) or of a large estate.

You should contact us and download and complete the street naming and property numbering application form (PDF 37KB / 1 page)

Street renaming or renumbering

This is usually only done as a last resort when:

  • there is confusion over a street's name and/or numbering
  • a group of residents are unhappy with their street name
  • new properties are built in a street and there is a need for other properties to be renumbered to accommodate the new properties
  • the number of named-only properties in a street is deemed to be causing confusion for visitors, delivery or emergency services

The process:

  • existing residents will be contacted and consulted
  • we will then consult the Royal Mail
  • to change a street name we will work with the parish or town council and ballot local people
  • hopefully there will be 100% support, but we require at least a two-thirds majority to make the change

This a very time consuming process and we are only able to progress one case at a time.

We are the Street Naming and Numbering Authority for the area.

We carry out these functions under the provisions of the Public Health Act 1925 sections 17 to 19 and allocates postal addresses in accordance with BS7666.

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