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Search for a planning application

Search the planning register

Search for a planning application by filling in just one of the following fields:

  • application reference number, for example SL/2014/9999 (enter the slashes and the year in full)
  • address
  • parish
  • case officer

Search the planning register

You will be able to see all the documents (except financial or sensitive material) submitted with a planning application.

If the application is invalid, you will not be able to see it until the required information is received.

Applications can normally be viewed online within five days of receipt of a valid application.

Search the interactive maps

  1. Use the link below to open the interactive map. Enter a post code or address in to the 'search address' field in the top left corner of the map. The property you are looking for will appear on the map marked by a green arrow.
  2. Click on the brown icon and a search results menu will pop up in the bottom right hand of the map.
  3. In the search results menu click on the 'go to web page' field to find full planning application details.

Find a planning application by address or post code

See below for information about historic applications submitted before 1988. 

Search the weekly list of planning applications

This includes all applications received and decided.

Weekly list of planning applications for week ending 11 March 2018 (PDF/145KB/16 pages)

Searching for historic planning applications

Full details, plans and documents of planning applications submitted after 1 January 2006 are available on the planning application register.

If you wish to look at historic or archived planning records, please put your request in writing or email, giving as much detail as possible, including a location plan and we will do our best to retrieve the information for you.

  • searches for householder applications cost £36
  • searches for commercial or large developments cost £72
  • very complex sites may be charged at a pre arranged fee