Appeals against planning decisions

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

There are certain procedures to follow if you wish to appeal against a planning decision including submitting an appeal and commenting on an appeal.

Householder applications

If planning permission is refused you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Appeals are dealt with by the Householder Appeals Service.

You must make an appeal within 12 weeks of the date of the decision notice.

We will send guidance on the appeal process with the decision notice.

Non householder applications

An applicant can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if planning permission is refused. The appeal must be lodged within six months of the date of the decision notice.

Is also possible to lodge an appeal against conditions attached to decisions, Enforcement Notices and Tree Preservation Order refusals.

There are three methods of appeal for non householder applications: 

Written representation

The appellant and the council exchange written statements.

Informal hearing

A 'round the table' discussion of the issues between the council and the appellant led by the Inspector.

Public inquiry

Each side presents their case verbally before an Inspector, usually by legal representation. Witnesses for each side can be cross-examined by the opposing party's representatives.

Appeals against other planning decisions

Please see information on the Planning Inspectorate's web pages regarding other types of appeals.

Submit an appeal

Appeals can be submitted using the Planning Casework Service.

Comment on an appeal

If you were consulted on the original planning application then you will be notified in writing of any subsequent appeal. All correspondence related to the appeal should be sent to the Planning Inspectorate. Please don't send it to us.

All previous representations made on a planning application are considered as part of an appeal. Additional comments only need to be made where they raise new issues or information.