2022: Towards a Draft South Lakeland Local Plan

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

This page provides an overview of the work undertaken in 2022 and early 2023 on the review of the South Lakeland Local Plan.

Local Plan Review and Evidence Update

In summer and autumn 2021 we consulted on an ‘Issues and Options’ report. This set out a range of issues in planning for the district to 2040, together with a number of ways (‘options’) in which we might address them. We received a lot of feedback. You can read the responses that were submitted: Issues and Options Consultation 2021 published responses.

Call for Sites 2021: Further Sites Suggested - Have Your Say

In summer 2021 alongside our Local Plan Issues and Options consultation, we launched a second ‘Call for Sites’ exercise to invite suggestions for sites that may be suitable for housing or employment development.

From 20 September to 10 November 2022 we offered an early opportunity for communities and stakeholders to share their views on these sites as we assess them as part of the SHELAA study.

You can find out more about this consultation and view the responses received on our survey page Call for Sites 2021 Feedback Consultation

Strategic Housing and Economic Needs Assessment (SHENA)

We commissioned consultants in 2022 to undertake a SHENA study to assess the need for new housing and employment developments over the new Local Plan period 2020-2040. The study will also provide updated information on housing need, including for affordable housing, housing for the elderly, and the appropriate mix of house sizes and types. When complete the study will inform the implementation of existing planning policies in the South Lakeland Local Plan and our annual assessment of 5 year housing land supply, until the current Plan is superseded. 

Once finalised the report will be uploaded to our evidence studies and reports.

Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

We have continued to work on the SHELAA study, to provide an initial high-level assessment of sites that may have potential for housing or employment development. This included assessing sites suggested through the two ‘Call for Sites’ exercises. You can read more about this exercise in the SHELAA methodology report below. The site assessment work is not fully complete but the work undertaken will be retained and inform future Local Plan preparation for Westmorland and Furness.

Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) Assessment Methodology (PDF 2.9MB / 61 pages)