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Damaged street nameplates

We are responsible for street nameplate signs in the district. We have to make sure that all street nameplates are in good condition and readable. This is so that organisations like the post office and the emergency services can do their work efficiently and so people can find their way around easily. It is illegal to remove, damage or put notices or stickers on or near a sign. 

Report a damaged or missing street nameplate online

Or contact our customer services team.

Please let us know the exact location of the nameplate. In a town or village the postcode, street name and number of the nearest house. In a rural area, the road or area name, name of the nearest farm or house or any significant landmarks.

The street nameplate in the picture is not in its proper place, it's faded and hard to read and has a sticker on it. If you see a street nameplate in this sort of condition, you should report it.

Damaged street nameplate

Damaged road signs should be reported to Cumbria Highways online fault reporting service.

or call the Cumbria Highways hotline: 0300 303 2992



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