Lake safety

It is important to be prepared when on the lake by always wearing a flotation device. You should also take notice of and react to navigation aids to avoid hazards and obstructions in the water.

Personal flotation devices

Lifejackets: keep the body afloat with head out of the water. Use on open boats and yachts.


Buoyancy aids: keep the body afloat. Use on canoes, kayaks or small dinghies.

Buoyancy aid

Swim floats: alert others to a swimmer in the water. Used by open water swimmers.

Swim float

Navigation aids

Red buoy: indicates danger such as an obstruction or shallow water.

Red triangle: indicates a reef or rocks directly below.

Yellow buoy: indicates the fairway. No anchoring permitted.

Alpha flag: indicates a swimmer in the water.

Green barrel: organised racing mark.

   Red triangle   Yellow buoy Green barrel        Red marker bouy. Windermere lake.Alpha code flag.  White and blue signals that a vessel has a diver down.                                                                                                                                              

Life belts

We maintain a number of lifebelts around the lake.

They are inspected weekly. 

If you would like to report a damaged or missing lifebelt please contact the Lake Wardens. 

Life beltLife belt open

The six nautical mph speed limit zones apply to all craft and the 10 nautical mph applies to powered craft.                              

Public jetties

Waterhead: two hour waiting limit.

Rayrigg Meadow: two hour waiting limit.

Bowness Bay: two hour waiting limit. 

Ferry Nab: four hour waiting limit, with overnight mooring fees.

Public access jetties

Bark Barn: shared with Windermere Lake Cruises.

Restrictions are indicated by the information board on the jetty.

YMCA: restrictions indicated by the information board on the jetty.

The majority of hotels and attractions on the lake shore will allow use of their jetties while using the facilities.

Swim safe

Swim safe is a simple water code to help everyone enjoy themselves and stay safe while swimming in the lake.

For lake rescue services dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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