Kendal Town Hall conditions of hire

Last Updated: 14 October 2022


All applications for the hire of the Town Hall facilities should be made to the Halls Officer on the appropriate booking form at least one month before the proposed date of hiring except in circumstances approved by the Halls Officer.

The person by whom the booking form is signed must be over 18 years of age and shall be deemed to be the hirer. The Council reserve the right to refuse any application for the use of the facilities or to cancel a letting without explanation.

Any alterations to the details of a booking or seating arrangements must be notified to the Halls Officer at least three working days before the event is due to take place otherwise an administration charge may be incurred.

Payment of charges

A deposit may be requested to accompany the booking application at the discretion of the Halls Officer.

An invoice for the total hire charge (or balance of deposit paid) must be paid within two weeks of receipt or at the discretion of the Halls Officer.

The Council may increase the scale of charges payable for the use of the facilities and, in such event, the hirer will be liable to pay those charges which are current at the date for which the premises have been booked.

The cost of any damage, extra cleaning, extra time occupying a room or other expenses incurred will be added to the total hire charge.

The hirer is responsible for paying a contribution for any Performing Rights Society Fees.


By the Council

The Council reserve the right, at their absolute discretion, to cancel a booking should they:

  • before a function commences, require the use of the facility owing to unforeseen circumstances or in any emergency
  • consider that the function is likely to prove to be of any objectionable or undesirable character
  • consider that the facilities are unfit for use
  • be unsatisfied with the evidence of insurance produced by the hirer in accordance with clause 4

In the event of such cancellation the total charges paid by the hirer will be refunded, but the Council shall not be held liable to pay any Compensation to the hirer or any other person in respect of the cancellation.

The hirer is required to acknowledge the right of the Council’s duly authorised officers and servants to enter upon any area in the premises at any time during the hiring and determine the hiring forthwith.

The Council reserves the right to terminate any letting or series of lettings immediately if the hirer fails to observe or perform any of these conditions or regulations but without prejudice to any right or remedy which the Council may have against the hirer under these conditions and the Council may retain the charges paid by the hirer.

Cancellation by the hirer

Any cancellation by the hirer must be notified to the Halls officer, in writing, as soon as possible.

In the event of any cancellation by the hirer, the following terms shall apply:

  • more than 28 days notice: the hirer shall pay 10% of the hire charge
  • less than 28 days: the hirer shall pay 50% of the hire charge
  • less than 7 days notice: the hirer shall pay the full hire charge

In addition, the hirer shall also pay any extra charges incurred by the Council or on behalf of the hirer in connection with the cancellation.

Liability and insurance

The Council accept no liability whatsoever for damage, loss or theft of goods or property brought onto the premises and belonging to the hirer or any persons using the premises, howsoever caused.

The Council accept no liability and the hirer alone shall be responsible for any death or personal injury suffered by the hirer or any other persons using the premises during the period of hire (except where the same is due to the negligence of the Council or their employees).

The hirer shall be liable for and shall pay the cost of making good any damage to the Council’s premises or any damage, loss or theft of any goods, equipment or property whatsoever belonging to the Council which shall be caused by the hirer or any person using the premises during the period of hire.

The hirer shall indemnify the Council against:

  • any liability which, notwithstanding the provisions of this Clause, the Council may incur in respect of any death or personal injury (caused otherwise than by the negligence of the Council or their employees) or any damage, loss or theft of any goods belonging to the hirer or any persons
  • all claims and liability suffered or incurred by the Council arising out of any non-observance or non-performance – of the terms of these conditions of hire or any Regulations or any Act of Parliament by the hirer, his servants or agents

The hirer shall maintain an adequate policy of insurance to cover any liability which he may incur to the Council under the terms of this Clause and shall produce written evidence of that policy of insurance to the Halls Officer one month prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in the hirer being charged an additional amount for use of the Council’s Public Liability Insurance.

Limit of admission

There are a number of rooms available to hire at the Town Hall. Details of floor layouts and room capacity is listed on the Kendal Town Hall room specifications.

Temporary closure

In the case of any breakdown or failure of the power, fuel or water supply, fire, water leakage or any other accident or occurrence rendering necessary the closing of the facility, or an interruption of any engagement, either before or during any function, or any repairs or renewals consequent upon such breakdown, etc. The hirer agrees that the Council shall not be liable for any loss or claims arising from such closure of the Hall or its facilities.

Use of the premises

The period for which the facilities are booked, and for which the hire charges shall be payable, must include such additional time as is necessary for change of room or removal or equipment (including the setting out and removal of seating and stage units) in connection with the booking.

The hirer shall not use the facility on hire for any other purpose than that specified on the booking form and written confirmation.

The hirer shall not assign or sub-let the benefit of hiring without the written permission of the Halls Officer otherwise the booking will be cancelled and all the fees forfeited. No equipment or fittings of the Hall or the structure shall be altered or interfered without the Halls Officer consent. No noxious thing shall be brought onto the premises.


The Town Hall is strictly non smoking.


With the exception of guide dogs for the blind/assistance dogs, no animals shall be allowed to enter the premises without the Halls Officer’s permission.


No camera, video camera or other photographic equipment may be brought into the Hall for commercial purposes without the Halls Officer’s permission.

First aid

The hirer shall be responsible for the provision of all medical attendants, equipment and contacting the ambulance service if needed.

Right of admission

The Halls Officer reserves the right at his/her absolute discretion to refuse or direct the hirer to refuse the admission of, or to evict, any person from the Hall without any reason, and shall not be liable to pay any compensation to the hirer arising from such exclusion.

Good order

The hirer shall be responsible for good order being kept throughout the period of the hiring and the Council may charge the hirer for any expense incurred to preserve order prior to, during or after any function.

The hirer must:

  • supervise the passage of all persons to and from the premises especially in an emergency and ensure all exits including emergency exits shall remain unobstructed, kept unfastened and the entrance hall and all corridors be kept free from obstructions
  • provide in the case of dances, discos, concerts or other public entertainment, eight stewards/registered door supervisors over the age of 18 years, each of whom shall wear a distinguishing badge supplied by the Council
    The stewards/door supervisors are required to report to the duty manager at least an hour before the event is due to commence when badges will be distributed and the appropriate emergency procedures made known to the appointed persons. All badges must be returned after the event to the Duty Caretaker
  • submit the name and address of each proposed steward/registered door person to the Halls Officer for approval at least seven days prior to the date for which the premises have been booked and no person shall act as a steward unless his appointment has been notified to the Halls Officer
  • provide at least two stewards in the case of meetings open to the general public where up to 50 people are going to attend. Where a hirer fails to provide the required number of stewards/registered door persons the Council may engage such persons as necessary for fire and safety regulations and charge the hirer accordingly. In all cases at least two stewards must be conversant with all details governing the prevention of fire, exits, etc in the Hall

The hirer/steward/registered door person or organiser shall:

  • not admit onto the premises or shall remove therefore any person who in his/her opinion is not in a fit state to conduct him or himself properly or is not suitably dressed
  • ensure that any musical production does not use excessive amplification and take steps to reduce it if necessary
  • ensure that the stewards/registered door supervisors remain on the premises throughout the event, and patrol the rooms in use, all corridors, passages and toilets
  • ensure that two stewards/registered door supervisors remain on the premises to assist the Caretaker to clear the building
  • ensure that only members of the band, organisers or their stewards enter the dressing rooms and stage

Hawkers and vendors

No unauthorised vendor, collector, hawker or canvasser shall be admitted to the Hall.

Broadcasting and filming facilities

The Hall is not licensed under the Cinema Act. Only certain film exhibitions exempted by the Act can therefore be permitted, subject to the Conditions of the Act.

Vacation of premises

The hirer shall ensure that the hired facilities and any equipment used are left in a tidy and orderly condition at the end of the period of use. All goods belonging to the hirer or in connection with the hiring must be removed from the room or facilities booked and from the Hall by the end of the period booked, unless previously agreed with the Halls Officer. Any items left will be deemed as rubbish and disposed of.

Licences and Statutory Requirements

A temporary licence is required for the sale of alcohol as the Town Hall is not licensed for this purpose. The hirer shall discuss their requirements for a bar in advance of the event with the Halls Officer.

The hirer must comply with any bylaws and statutory requirements relating to the Hall or to the purpose of hire.


No sweepstake, raffle or other form of lottery shall be promoted, conducted or held on the premises unless the Halls officer’s prior approval in writing has been given and the relevant statutory license or permit has been obtained.

Electrical appliances, safety, technical requirements, scenery and decorations

The stage lighting must be operated by a trained and experienced person only, to be named in advance and approved by the Halls Officer. No person shall attempt to interfere with any gas or electric fitting, meter or other equipment.

No additional lighting or extensions from the electrical supply sockets, or light fittings shall be used without the previous consent of the Halls Officer. Any additions must be authorised by the Halls Officer.

No scenery or draperies shall be used on stage unless they are of a fire proof material and a certificate to that effect is given to the Halls Officer by the stage scenery fitters. In the absence of a certificate the Council reserves the right to carry out a standard flame test at any time and to prevent the use of materials and fabrics not satisfying the tests.

No decorations, advertisements, posters, flags, emblems or other interior decorations may be displayed without the Halls Officer’s consent. Any such decorations duly authorised shall not consist of flammable material. The Council reserve the right to remove any unseemly or unsightly decoration. The hirer shall comply with any recommendation made to them by the Fire Officer of Cumbria County Council. Any damage caused by any permitted display shall be paid for by the hirer.

Cotton wool, or other highly flammable material shall not be used for the costumes of the performers or the decoration of the premises, unless rendered non-inflammable.

Real flames shall not be employed on the stage except with the consent of the Council.

One month’s notice must be given to the Halls Officer of the intention to use special effects.


No copyright work shall be performed or reproduced in any manner in connection with any public function unless the hirer has first obtained the license of the owner of the copyright and the hirer shall indemnify the Council against any infringement of copyright occurring during the hiring.


Kendal Town Hall maintains a Phonographic Performance license for the playing of background music (excluding juke boxes and hired recordings) and for the accompaniment to dance sessions.

Catering and bar

Consent of the Council as the owner must be obtained in writing for the sale/service/consumption of intoxicating liquor on the premises at all functions. In addition a temporary events notice is required for the sale of alcohol at the premises.

Catering can be booked when making application for the use of the premises.

Please refer to the instruction manuals situated in the kitchen for the cookers and dishwasher.

Meals and the Food Safety Act 1990

It is the responsibility of the hirer or their caterer to comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Act 1990 and associated hygiene and temperature regulations. The hirer/caterer must satisfy themselves that the manner and style of the proposed catering can be safely carried on in the Town Hall facilities. Any questions relating to compliance with the law should be discussed with a member of the Food and Occupational Health Group of the Council at South Lakeland House.


Any complaints with regard to the management and control of the premises must be made in writing to the Halls Officer within 7 days of the complaint arising.

The right to sell tickets

The Council reserves the right of sale of tickets on behalf of the hirer.

Modifications of conditions

The Council reserve the right to charge a commission for the sale of tickets, or merchandise sold on the premises by the hirer. The Council reserves the right to modify or vary any of these conditions or to impose special conditions where the nature of any application so demands.


Any consent or approval by the Council or the Manager under these conditions must be in writing under the hand of the Manager.

Supply of information

The hirer shall, if so requested, supply to the Halls Officer the names and addresses of persons taking up any booked period under the hiring and the age of any of them who are minors.

Sunday lettings

Use of political meetings on Sundays is prohibited and the hirer must ensure the Sunday Observance Acts are not contravened.


All children must be supervised at all times while in the Hall.

When the majority of persons admitted are children under the age of 16 a sufficient number of attendants being not less than one for each exit shall be present to control the movement and take precautions for the safety of children.

At any performance no child shall be permitted to occupy any seat in the front row of any balcony unless accompanied by and in the charge of a person who appears to have attained the age of 18 years or over.

Children apparently under compulsory school age shall not be allowed to enter or be on the licensed premises unless accompanied by a parent or bona fide adult guardian. Children apparently of compulsory school age shall not be allowed to enter or be on the licensed premises after 10:00pm unless accompanied by a parent or bona fide guardian.

When any organisation wishes to book the premises for activities for children under the age of 8 years old they must provide a copy of their Child Protection Policy which should comply with the Cumbria Child Protection Procedures. Any organisation without such a policy will be refused a booking.

Hypnotism and clairvoyance

No exhibition, demonstration or performance of hypnotism on any person or act of clairvoyance shall be undertaken.

Display boards and banners

In the interest of public safety, and owing to listed building status the Council reserves the right to remove ‘A’ boards. Permission to use ‘A’ boards must be approved by the Halls Officer.

Exhibition and bazaar use

The fixing of any stalls and arrangements for the fitting out of the premises is subject to the approval of the Principal Halls Officer.

Risk assessment

Hirers are required to complete a risk assessment for their event prior to the date of hire. The risk assessment should be given to the Halls Officer at least 7 days before the date of hire.


Extremists groups, material or content are not permitted in Kendal Town Hall.

Wedding ceremonies

The Town Hall has five rooms licensed for wedding ceremonies, please contact the Halls Officer for further information. Please note that due to planned refurbishments to the Town Hall we are not able to accommodate bookings for Weddings between June and October 2020.