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Tree management

Our Arboricultural Officer works with our grounds maintenance and tree surgeon contractors to manage trees on council owned land.

Fallen trees

We are responsible for fallen trees in public places we maintain.

To let us know about fallen or dangerous trees on our land, email Alternatively, contact us on 01539 733 333.

Fallen trees on roads

If you see any fallen trees on the roads and highways please contact Cumbria County Council to report a fault on the highway.

Chalara dieback of Ash in South Lakeland

In recent months Chalara dieback of Ash has been identified in woodlands within the South Lakeland area. Chalara dieback of Ash, caused by the Hymenoscyphus fraxineus fungus, has the potential to have a significant impact upon the health and appearance of woodlands in the area.

The national response to the spread of Chalara dieback of Ash is being co-ordinated by the Forestry Commission who should be informed of any suspected infection sites. The Forestry Commission has details of how to identify and report potentially infected trees.

Implications for access to SLDC managed land

All our public access sites, including woodlands, continue to be open to the public. The spores that cause Chalara Dieback are easily spread by the wind, contact with footwear, clothing and pets.

Planning issues

Find out about planning for trees and hedges.

Or if in the National Park area contact Lake District National Park Authority planning.