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Kendal Fell Advisory Group (KFAG) DRAFT

The Kendal Fell Advisory Group (KFAG) are working with us to establish how people would like to see Kendal fell managed in The future.

We want to understand how people feel about Kendal Fell. We want to know how users of the fell are affected day to day, and whether the consultation; action plan, management plan, code of conduct, and signage plans we have produced address some of the concerns that people may have.

We also want know if there are positive things about Kendal Fell to highlight and celebrate. Or is there something we may have missed, are there parts of the plans we can strengthen or areas that maybe factually incorrect?

Comment and give us feedback

The documents and ideas we are asking you to comment on are:

Make a comment on the Kendal Fell Management Plan consultation

You can see hard copies of the management and action plan at:

  • South Lakeland House
  • Kendal Town Hall
  • Kendal Library
  • Kendal Golf Club

Kendal Fell management plan

The plan provides a history of the fell and confirms ownership of the various parts. It notes features of ecological and cultural interest and provides a summary of the past and current management. It provides us with a priority list for future management, maps and species lists for birds, butterfly and plants.

Kendal Fell and Golf Course Management Plan (PDF/11.5MB/68 pages)

Kendal Fell action plan

This Action Plan forms part of the 2018 Kendal Fell and Golf Course Management Plan. It provides details of the management actions to occur within a five year timeframe starting in 2019.

Kendal Fell and Golf Course Action Plan (PDF/16.2MB/98 pages)

Code of conduct

This sets out a clear set of rules that users of Kendal Fell should adhere to which will hopefully ensure that there is harmonious use between all users. Everyone will use the fell for different reasons and we must respect everyone’s favourite past time. We also need to look after our precious environment. We need to fully understand, and be aware of, our surroundings and the rare species found on the fell.

Proposed code of conduct for Kendal Fell

'This Fell has been managed and used by the people of Kendal for over 250 years and continues to provide a special location for a wide variety of recreational activities and encounters with nature. Please help us to look after it by following this code of conduct:

  • respect the interests of other people. Do not act in ways that might annoy or alarm people. Be aware of all fell users and act with courtesy and
    consideration towards them
  • take responsibility for your own actions
  • be responsible for your own safety and that of others, be aware of risks
  • care for the environment
  • look after the places you visit and leave the land as you find it
  • protect wildlife, plants and animals
  • protect and care for the natural environment to add to everybody’s enjoyment
  • keep your dog under proper control' 

Proposed signage

We propose to put the signs at various entrance points around the fell. We would like to consult on the design and content of the signs. The signs could include the history of the fell, code of conduct, various interest point as well as maps to help you find points of interest using the safest paths on the fell.

Kendal Fell proposed signage, showing the signs in proportion to average sized human silouhettes male and female.

Kendal Fell proposed signage showing possible colour and signage shape options.

Kendal Fell proposed signage showing possible layout of sign content.

Kendal Fell proposed signage 4 showing similar existing signage in Kendal and alternative height layout and colour options.

The Kendal Fell Advisory Group (KFAG)

The KFAG is made up of:

• Fellside Forum
• Kendal Golf Club
• Kendal Civic Society
• Butterfly Conservation
• Open Spaces Society
• Friends of the Lake District
• Cumbria Wildlife Trust
• South Lakeland District Council (SLDC)

The aims of the KFAG

The aims of the Kendal Fell Advisory Group (KFAG) are to:

  • conserve and enhance the features that contribute to the value of the area for recreation
  • encourage local people to use the Fell for lawful sports and pastimes
  • preserve, restore and work with nature in ways that contribute to the sustainable development of
  • conserve and enhance the historic environment of the area
  • ensure that people understand and celebrate the significance of the Fell through educational and
    outreach activities
  • involve local communities in the management of the area in ways that promote its responsible use and
    encourage people to give their time and effort to make it a better place

Terms of reference for the KFAG

The role of the KFAG is to:

  • set management goals for the historic area of Kendal Fell aimed at protecting and enhancing the benefits
    it provides to the people of Kendal through, for example, amenity and recreation, conservation of wildlife,
    conservation of historical and cultural features, tourism, improved health and well-being, environmental
    education and its general role in local sustainable development
  • to organise and review progress against specific management objectives and actions as agreed in formal
    Fell management or action plans
  • promote the use of the Kendal Fell in ways that are consistent with the achievement of these goals and its
    status as a “Town Green”

KFAG will co-ordinate plans and activities designed to achieve these goals by:

  • promoting the participation of local communities, volunteers, businesses and other stakeholders in the
    management and general enhancement of the area
  • establishing and maintaining methods of communication that enable citizens to participate in the
    development of the plans and their implementation and which encourage appropriate use of the area
    for recreational purposes
  • establishing clear roles, responsibilities and timelines for implementing management plan
  • designing participatory monitoring schemes aimed at measuring changes in the condition of the area
    to assess the effectiveness of management and, if appropriate, to modify the measures being taken
    based on results
  • promoting the use of the area for educational purposes
  • developing and promoting a general “Kendal Fell Code of Conduct”
  • identifying and pursuing partnerships, sources of funding and other opportunities to secure any additional
    resources needed to achieve the goals
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