Immigration housing inspections

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Prior to allowing entry clearance into this country, confirmation is required that the proposed accommodation is safe and suitable for human habitation, and that the property will not become statutorily overcrowded with the additional occupant(s) living there.

We can carry out inspections and supply confirmation to the British High Commission that accommodation is suitable for people looking to get entry clearance into the UK.

Our Housing Standards Team do the inspections and send the letter to the Immigration Authorities.

Please note we do not carry out inspections on properties which are outside of the District.

Before any inspection is carried out the sponsor will need to complete the immigration inspection application form (DOC 44KB/ 2 pages).

Please read the guidance notes below before filling in the application form.

Please return the form along with a cheque for £110.38, which is the current charge for this service, made payable to South Lakeland District Council to:

Housing Standards Team
South Lakeland District Council
South Lakeland House
Lowther Street


A survey of the property will only be arranged when the full application and fee has been received. If you wish to keep a copy of your application, please do so before submitting it to us.

You will then be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time for an officer to visit and inspect the property. The officer will be available to visit during normal office working hours (9am to 5pm).


At the time of inspection, you will be expected to provide documentation from the immigration authorities to show that you are in the process of making an application. This might take the form of a letter from the relevant High Commission or the Home Office etc with the proposed immigrants name(s) and passport/reference number(s) with which to associate the application. The property will be inspected by a member of the Housing Standards Team and the officer must confirm that the property:

  • is free from Category 1 and significant Category 2 Hazards under the Housing Act 2004
  • is in a good state of repair
  • has sufficient space to accommodate both the current occupants and any additional people who propose to live there

The following information will be required to support the inspection:

  • name, date of birth and passport/reference number of the person(s) seeking entry to the UK
  • copy of a tenancy agreement or proof of ownership of the property
  • name and date of birth of other occupants in the property to be inspected
  • current Gas Safe Certificate for the property (if rented)

You will be asked to show the officer around the whole property, outlining who occupies the house and which rooms they sleep in. When the inspection is completed you will be supplied with a letter which will state:

  • your name and the name(s) of the person(s) seeking entry to the UK
  • the address of the property inspected
  • who owns and who occupies the property
  • how the property is occupied and by whom
  • whether the property is suitable for any potential occupier or visitor at the time of our inspection
  • whether the property would be overcrowded by the addition of the person(s) seeking entry to the UK
  • the name of the officer to contact for further information

Application guidance notes

Room sizes

The bedroom sizes are a very important part of the UK Entry Clearance process. You must make sure that you follow the guidance below to aid a successful application. Please check the bedroom sizes before submitting the application as refunds are not provided if the property does not meet the statutory requirements. The room sizes are as follows:

Statutory requirement floor area
Floor Area m2 Permitted Numbers
10.23 or more 2
8.37 up to 10.23 1.5
6.51 up to 8.37 1
4.65 up to 6.51 0.5
Less than 4.65 Nil
  • 0.5 a person is classed as a child at the ages of 1to10 years; after age of 10 the child becomes 1 person
  • babies can share with their parents if under 1
  • children of opposite sex can only share a bedroom up to the age of 10 years old
  • children cannot share a bedroom with an adult apart from the biological Mother or Father
  • siblings aged over 10 years cannot share a bedroom with another of the opposite sex who is under 10 years old

Amenities and property condition

In addition to the above, the following basic standards apply:

  • there must be at least one toilet and wash basin for every five inhabitants
  • there must be a fully-functional kitchen eg stoves, oven and hot and cold running water into a sink) that can support both the current and proposed number of occupants
  • there must be a fixed heating system in the property (eg heating in every habitable room)
  • the property must be in a good state of repair with no serious defects (eg electrics, plumbing, roof, gutters, doors, windows etc)

We will not supply any letters unless an inspection has been carried out. The Immigration Authorities will not accept letters that are greater than 12 weeks old. If your letter expires, we will have to carry out another inspection. We reserve the right to make a charge for any amendments to the letter or for supplies of copies of the letter at a later date.

It is therefore very important that you do not request an inspection of your property for immigration purposes until you are ready to submit your full application to the relevant authorities.