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Service Standards for Rough Sleepers and Single Homeless Clients (Where no statutory homelessness duty applies)

At initial contact we will:

  • offer you an appointment (either face to face or on the phone) within five working days. (If you have nowhere to sleep that night you will be seen on the same day, or the next day if your initial contact is out of office hours)
  • provide you with advice and support to help you stay in your home, if possible
  • try to stop you becoming homeless if you are leaving hospital, prison, a care or foster home or the forces

If you have nowhere to sleep tonight we will:

  • offer you an appointment today (or the next working day if your initial connect is out of hours)
  • help you find emergency accommodation
  • continue to work with you to help find somewhere long term in this area (unless you have relevant connections in another area)

After your appointment we will:

  • let you know what your housing options are and confirm these to you in writing
  • if necessary, refer you to the appropriate agencies so that you can access other services
  • pass information on to other organisations involved with you, if this will help to get you somewhere to live
  • try and find a housing solution that will last at least a few months

We may also:

  • help you access a private rented tenancy
  • work with private and social landlords and providers of temporary and supported accommodation to stop you from losing your home