Affordable housing: grants

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Affordable housing grants can be used alongside other types of funding available to local communities. They are not used to supplement other council affordable housing funds such as affordable housing renovation grants. 

If you wish to submit an application for a grant you will need to provide detailed information about your project demonstrating how your organisation meets the funding criteria, how the project will be managed and a breakdown of the overall costs.

Eligible applicants  

Organisations which can apply for the grants are:

  • housing associations
  • community land trusts

We will assess if the project addresses community needs. This will depend on:

  • local housing needs
  • our corporate priority of providing homes which meet need
  • other corporate priorities

The project needs to provide good value for money and deliverability by demonstrating that:

  • costs and time scales have been researched and are realistic
  • funding is available to meet the total costs of the project (aside from the council funding required)   
  • no other sources of funding are available 
  • there are enough resources for the project's future maintenance 
  • the level of funding is justified
  • the grant per affordable home is good value for money
  • the project or scheme has or is likely to obtain planning permission (if required)

Affordable housing grants application form (DOC 24KB / 6 pages) provides examples of appropriate uses of the funds in the guidance notes (Appendix A). 

You can send us your bid at any time.