Council Tax reduction change of circumstances

Last Updated: 17 May 2023

Your Council Tax Reduction entitlement is based on the information you supplied on your most recent claim form. If your circumstances change after sending in the form you are required by law to write and tell us about any changes.

It is now a criminal offence for a person, dishonestly or without reasonable excuse, to fail to notify a change of circumstances that they are required by regulations to report. This applies to landlords as well as claimants.

You must notify us with 21 days of any change in your circumstances that affects your entitlement.

The list below gives examples of the types of change you must tell us about:

  • an increase or decrease in wages or private pension
  • if you start or stop receiving Universal Credit, Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance
  • any changes in your capital or savings
  • an increase or decrease in any other benefit
  • an increase or decrease in your rent
  • if you move house or change accommodation
  • if someone moves in or ceases to live with you
  • if your family circumstances change such as having a child
  • if you or your partner are admitted to hospital

If you are entitled to less, you will have more Council Tax to pay therefore it is very important that you advise us promptly of any change in your circumstances. The onus of responsibility is on you.

When we change your entitlement we will send you a letter explaining what is different and a new Council Tax bill detailing your new charge and instalment plan.

We will from time to time visit you in your home to check that the information given on your latest application form is still correct. You will be asked to confirm the details and you may also be asked to provide proof of information.

The Locality Officers will provide proof of their identity. If they do not produce this you should not let them into your home.